renault trucks model t series with mersinde
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Renault Trucks is in Mersin with 2019 Model T Series

Renault Trucks and its authorized dealer Imam Kayalıoğulları Otomotiv met with the leading logistics companies of Mersin. Participants also looked closely at Renault Trucks' 2019 T 520 high cabin vehicle. Together with the professionals of the transport area [more…]

33 Mersin

7 Person Theft in Railways

In the town of Tarsus in Mersin, 7 theft of the railways, the gendarmerie by the team caught up in the act. According to information obtained, the teams of Yenice Gendarmerie Commander, Adana-Mersin railway patrolling on the Atgirmez neighborhood location Yenice-Tarsus direction on the railway [more…]

fidelity service
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Vefa Bridge Service Input

Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, continues to win hearts in Tarsus. Tarsus'a thousands of services added a new one to President Kocamaz, the completed construction of the Vefa Bridge. President Kocamaz, who overthrown the 25 in service, was welcomed by cheers [more…]

33 Mersin

Cargo Train in Mersin hits TIR

The information obtained from the Port of Mersin, 33 BLV 15 plate trains tried to pass over the train tracks. At one time, the freight train that hit the tracks from the harbor was hit by the truck. At the last moment, the driver who noticed the tractor tried to stop the train. Train [more…]

01 Adana

Between Adana and Mersin

Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su said that the speed train works between Adana and Mersin are at the rate of% 98. N When this project is completed, the journey between Adana and Mersin will be reduced to 25 minutes Mersin. Adanalıoğlu neighborhood in a coffee house in the square [more…]


Yenice Logistics Center to Open in September

The Republic of Turkey State Railways 6. Regional Manager Oğuz Saygılı said that Yenice Logistics Center, which Mersin has been waiting for for years, will open in September. Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) August Meeting of the Assembly of Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone (MTOSB) [more…]

01 Adana

TCDD in Mersin-Adana Line Section

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD) said in a statement, Adana and will be covered in weed control in railway lines and stations are alerted to the citizens of Mersin limit was due to drugs. The explanation from TCDD is as follows; Adana and Mersin [more…]


Anamur Bus Station

It has come to an end in the Intercity Bus Terminal, which has been longing for years in the Anamur district of Mersin and started to be built by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. The bus station construction, which will assume an important role for the intercity transportation of Anamur, has been completed with a percentage of 98. Every detail [more…]


Endlessness in Public Transport in Mersin

The inspections carried out by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality to ensure that citizens are able to travel more comfortably, comfortably and safely, continue without slowing down. While violations of the rules are determined one by one and necessary actions are taken, the audits are also appreciated by the citizen. Collective [more…]


Mersin Smart Stops Protect from Cold and Cold

The Mersin Metropolitan Municipality offers modern, air-conditioned smart stops to protect the residents of Mersin from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. The first one will be opened to the service of the citizens of the air-conditioned smart stops placed at the Yaşat İş Hanı stop. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, city [more…]


Sovereignty Intersection Is Opening

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, one of the city's biggest problems to eliminate the traffic chaos is one of the intersection of intersection projects, which has completed the work at the Sovereignty Interchange. Sovereignty Interchange 23 April National Sovereignty and Child [more…]