Diary of a Motherland

Diary of a Homeland: Tram drivers who played an important role in the transportation of Eskişehir, the problems experienced by the citizens during the day and the problems faced by the Railway Workers Union Financial Secretary, Oguz Senel told. Tram used by Eskişehir citizens almost every day [more…]


Tram in Eskişehir scared off

In Eskişehir the tram was scared: A tram with passengers in Eskişehir was derailed by derailment for an unknown reason. There was no injury. According to information received, from the Opera direction to the bus station that makes the last trip to the Opera - [more…]


50 Security Personnel Response

Fired 50 Security Personnel Response: As far as 50, working in tram lines in Eskişehir and working in a private security company, security personnel claimed that they were dismissed without notice. A group working in a private security company [more…]


Çankaya-Yenikent Tramway Opening

Opening of Çankaya-Yenikent Tram Line: Çankaya-Yenikent tram line, which was realized by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and Estram, was put into service with a ceremony. According to a written statement from the municipality, the opening ceremony of the line due to the opening ceremony of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Buyukerşen, Odunpazarı Municipality [more…]


How Estram Affects Property Prices

How Estram Affected Real Estate Prices: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System (ESTRAM) 's work and the new network with the addition of new lines, the tram network, both in the region as well as the real estate market has been reported to affect positively. [more…]


Training the Acute Estram Team

Accredited Estram Team: A protocol was signed with the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) for the training of the Estram Search and Rescue Team established within the Eskişehir Light Rail System Facility (Estram). Estram Transportation Co. General Manager Hakan Murat Bayındır [more…]


Estram Works Continues Despite Cold Weather

Estram Works Continues Despite the Cold Weather: The construction of additional lines of the Light Rail System Plant in Eskişehir continues despite the difficult weather conditions. In Eskişehir, the construction of additional lines of the Light Rail System (ESTRAM) continues despite difficult weather conditions. in studies [more…]


Estram Team Emergency Drill

Estram Team Emergency Drill: A training was given to the personnel working in Eskişehir Light Rail System Administration (Estram) in order to get the tram out of the track and to make emergency intervention in a possible traffic accident. 6 personnel working in Estram, [more…]


Estram Line Extension Works Ended

Estram Line Extension Studies Ends: The line extension works continued by the Metropolitan Municipality of Eskişehir Light Rail System (ESTRAM) and the light rail public transportation system of the new neighborhood of 20 will continue. Trams that will be on the pavement lines [more…]


Estram voyages continue in trouble

Estram expeditions continue: Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project and Eskişehir Railroad Transit infrastructure works carried out by the General Directorate of State Railways, while the work on the Station Bridge continues, there are difficulties in continuing the Estram flights without interruption. Especially the Bazaar [more…]