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Tender Announcement: Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Project Within The Boundary Of Istanbul Parcel Remuneration

TCDD 1 Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Project Within the Boundaries of Istanbul Provincial Real Estate Appraisal of the Remaining Parcels SUBJECT OF THE TENDER AND SUBSEQUENT ISSUES Article 1 - Administration information 1.1. The Administration; a) Name: Republic of Turkey [more…]

tcdd auctions 1

Tender Announcement: Halkalı Within the scope of Kapıkule Railway Project, appraisal of 956 parcels within the boundaries of Istanbul province

Halkalı Within the Scope of the Kapıkule Railway Project, the appraisal of the 956 parcels within the provincial borders of Istanbul is made by the General Directorate of State Railway Administration REGIONAL PURCHASING AND STOCK CONTROL SERVICE DIRECTORATE Halkalı- Within the Scope of Kapıkule Railway Project [more…]

Halkali Kapikule railway construction tender was not finalized
22 Edirne

Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Construction Bidding

Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Project Çerkezköy- Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for Kapikule Section (UAB) The infrastructure and superstructure (including signaling and electrification) opened by the EU Investments Department as a grant of IPA (Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Fund) [more…]

22 Edirne

Source for Rail, No Project

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turan's CHP Murat Emir's response to the question of a significant truth revealed. 2 months ago 25 people died in the tragedy of the tragedy for the EU funded the project but the project is not prepared [more…]

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Transport Minister Arslan, thanks to our nation

Transport Minister Arslan, We are strong thanks to our nation: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, güç We are strong thanks to our nation. Thanks to our nation, we find the right to say. As long as our nation gives us this power. We hope they will boast their [more…]


Fast Train at 2019 Çerkezköy'also

Fast Train at 2019 Çerkezköyin Turkey Çerkezköy in the district Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Project about the Public Education Center Hall information meeting was held. Cenk Peker, one of the contractor company's Halkalı-Kapıkule said they were planning to operate high-speed trains until 2019. [more…]