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Air France Strikes High Speed ​​Train

Air France, the flag carrier airline France, which doesn't compete with the high speed train network TGV and the budget airline companies, will stop the 465 employee and 15 will shrink in domestic lines. Air Franc, budget air [more…]

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Railway Strike in France

The ten-week-long rail strike in France did not intend to reconcile with the workers, while the strike could continue in July and August. Railway workers in France have been on strike for two weeks every five days for ten weeks. The reason for workers to strike is France [more…]

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A further shock before EURO 2016 in France

Another shock in France before EURO 2016: Furious workers in France attempted to block the train that brought the European Football Championship Cup to the capital. At the northern station in the capital, there was a brawl between the police and the police who tried to block the train that brought the cup. [more…]