Ozcoskun Energy

Özcoşkun Energy

1987 in the truck, transport and rental industry to enter the 30 with more than a year experience. ÖZCOŞKUN ENERGY 2009 has expanded its field of service by incorporating ÖZCOŞKUN PRODUCTION CONSTRUCTION firm and applying meticulously the most important [more…]

I Rayer

RAYEM Railway

RAYEM, specialized in Electromechanical System Engineering, has been providing service in this field for many years and has been established by partners in 2016 in Istanbul in the field of Rail Systems and Special Industrial Facilities. Apart from many of its objectives, one of the aims of RAYEM, [more…]

Reamer Structure

Rayba Construction Project and Consultancy Ltd. Sti.

ACTIVITIES Railway project and consultancy services Railway superstructure and construction works Railway superstructure construction and maintenance works Import and export Electrification and catenary systems Signaling and communication Distribution services

TEKSİS Rail Systems

TEKSİS Rail Systems

TEKSİS RAIL SYSTEMS. 2010 has formed its staff with experts in the field. Rail systems which have an important place in the transportation sector in the world and in our country are included in the services of TEKSİS RAIL SYSTEMS. On rail systems; solution, project and [more…]

Forward Rail

Advanced Rail Rail Construction Systems

Civil Engineering Tolga GÜRBÜZER and Şerafettin İLERİ was established in 2007 and the construction of railway rail infrastructure and superstructure works, maintenance works of existing lines and renovation projects, supply of materials and equipment, application [more…]

DFM Railway

DFM Railway Co.

DFM RAILWAY 2014 has formed its staff with experts in the field. In the world and in our country, the rail system which has an important place in the transportation sector is DFM DEMİRYOLU A.Ş. s services. On rail systems; solution, project [more…]


TÜBİTAK MAM Energy Institute

Energy Systems Department, which has been operating under TÜBİTAK MAM since 1992, merged with the Environmental Engineering Department at February 1996 to form the Energy Systems and Environmental Research Institute (ESÇAE). Since this date 6 year-round energy and [more…]

tcdd 1

TCDD Taşımacılık

the liberalization of rail transport within the scope of the work and the restructuring of TCDD, Turkey was published on 1 May 2013 6461 numbered Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport. In this context; TCDD is defined as the operator of the infrastructure and the company as a train operator. 14 [more…]

TCDD Communication Line

The Republic of Turkey State Railways

The Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD as for our customers; To keep the railway network and vehicles ready for service, to build new lines and connection lines when necessary, to manage all railway traffic effectively, Other transportation systems [more…]

the Proyap


PROYAPI is an international company that provides professional engineering and consultancy services in many different fields. Our main goal is to provide the best engineering service to our customers. Areas where PROYAPI operates are; Transportation Sector (Highway, Highway, Railway, Metro and Light Rail [more…]

Petronet Automation

Petronet Automation and Information Inc.

In the 1988 for fuel stations, first in Turkey Market Back Office Software and laid the foundation for developing the sector in Petronet, it continues to increase its inception since its success in the industry. Petronet, which is on the road with 28 years experience, service [more…]

Metro Istanbul

Metro Istanbul

Metro Istanbul, 1988 was established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to operate urban rail systems. Our company operates as an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and operates the existing metro, tram, funicular and ropeway lines in Istanbul.

General Technical Electronics

General Technical Electronics

General Teknik Elektronik has been active in the automation sector since 1987. Always contribute to the representation of quality companies worldwide in the automation industry in Turkey assuming you bulunmaktır.üs router performance of the leading brands of industrial engineering activities.

General Directorate of Railway Installation

General Directorate of Railroad Regulation

Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Duties of the Organization and Duties of the Decree Law No. 655 01 on November 2011 with the entry into force on the date of the liberalization of the railway sector responsible for the implementation of the regulations and is responsible for Railway Regulation General [more…]

Turkey is certifi

Certifi is Turkey

TURKEY certifier is defined as a resident and a Turkish company dedicated organizations and evaluation organizations in Ankara. Specializing in the Rail Sector TURKEY Certifier offers a wide range of services thanks to the support of the certifier.



BURULAŞ is a subsidiary of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality 1998 Founded in urban transit and intercity transportation systems for transportation companies advancing towards the goal of becoming a global brand value in Turkey. BURULAŞ, all city in bulk [more…]

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas Services

Bureau Veritas Group, with its expertise developed since 1828 in which it was founded, supports its customers to comply with the standards and regulations in the fields of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility. Bureau Veritas' extensive global network of customers [more…]

Atm Asist

Atm Asist Maintenance Services

The ATM Asist, which operates under the umbrella of Buğra Group of Companies, aims to bring a new breath to commercial area management with the combination of experience of real estate management and the experience of Smart Cube, one of the Group companies. [more…]

Ant Engineering

Ant Engineering

ANTI Engineering, 1993 years until today, operating in the industrial automation, Turkey is one of the leading companies. We are constantly expanding our product range to provide wider and better service to our customers. First in 1994 [more…]


Anatolian Rail Systems Cluster

"Rail system is our national cause," which set out the principles Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems (ARUS) Cluster, Turkey's first non-regional and cluster covering the whole of Anatolia, industrialists engaged in manufacturing for our country rail transport system, supporting institutions and our organization [more…]

Alternative Publishing

Alternative Publishing Singing. Tic. Ltd. Sti

In the field of magazine publishing, one of the leading companies of the sector, Alternative Publishing and Xnumx is the brand name of 1998. With the help of 9 units, B19B magazine is able to meet the sectoral information needs of the people responsible for the production processes [more…]

AFS Technical

AFS Technical Consultancy

Founded in 2011 The aim of our company is growing rapidly in Turkey Rail staff consulting with industry experts, research-design, implementation and support on supplying quality spare parts. For this purpose, an expert in domestic and foreign companies in Turkey [more…]



Since 972 year in Turkey we have signed in the near 80% of its installed capacity testing facility. All kinds of rotating machine; We design and build the facilities for ArGE-Test and Certification in the most appropriate way to the needs and budget. when prompted, [more…]

to Toto

to Toto

TOTO is an important industry in addition to the automotive industry in Turkey Machinery Manufacturing SPARE PARTS AND MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC 1950 was founded in 17.500 and today the 2 mXNUMX is open and [more…]

Technoplan Engineering

Teknoplan Engineering

Teknoplan has carried out engineering studies in the fields of machinery, automation and informatics for industrial systems, mainly iron and steel, and has been involved in the installation of many systems. Our team has an academic background and is active in industrial applications. [more…]

Tasci Machinery

Tasci Machinery

Established in 1993, our company has been engaged in various contracting works and in 2003 it was reorganized and reorganized under the name of TAŞÇI MAKİNA LTD.ŞTİ. TAŞÇI MACHINERY, our country's leading industrial organizations [more…]