Ozcoskun Energy

Özcoşkun Energy

1987 in the truck, transport and rental industry to enter the 30 with more than a year experience. ÖZCOŞKUN ENERGY 2009 has expanded its field of service by incorporating ÖZCOŞKUN PRODUCTION CONSTRUCTION firm and applying meticulously the most important [more…]

Mak in Machinery

Mak-in Machinery Rail Shears Production Inc.

Machinery, which started its activities in the railway shears manufacturing sector in 2000, continued to grow at the same speed in this time, but it was the responsibility of many countries in the process of restructuring our country as one of the reliable and reputable companies [more…]

Calbiyik Group

Calbıyık Group

Turkey and over the years 20 in its geography Engineering, Project Consulting, R & D Activities, Industrial Plant Installation, Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing, Waste Heat Recovery and Power & in automation systems, a very successful project [more…]


Nurol Construction and Trade Inc.

Nurol Construction and Trade Inc., the first and leading company of the Nurol Group of Companies, was established as an international general contracting company in 1966 and has been involved in many large-scale and high-tech projects since its inception. [more…]

Western Construction Group

West Construction Group

Our company, which was established in 1983, has been providing and providing quality and reliable services in accordance with the world standards in domestic and international general contracting services with its experienced expert team that dominates modern technology. Our policy of quality is domestic and [more…]

Ceta Structure

Ceta Construction

Ceta Yapı San. tic.ltd. Ltd. Şti started its activities in the construction sector and infrastructure-road projects in 1993 in Istanbul center. Our company continues its residential construction projects in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Our aim; environment-friendly, quality living spaces to implement. our company [more…]

TEKSİS Rail Systems

TEKSİS Rail Systems

TEKSİS RAIL SYSTEMS. 2010 has formed its staff with experts in the field. Rail systems which have an important place in the transportation sector in the world and in our country are included in the services of TEKSİS RAIL SYSTEMS. On rail systems; solution, project and [more…]

IC Holding

IC Holding

The foundation of Ibrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding A.Ş. (IC Holding) operates mainly in the sectors of Construction, Power Generation and Distribution, Tourism, Industry and Infrastructure .; IC Holding strategic [more…]

Cengiz insaat

Cengiz Construction

As of 2017, Cengiz İnşaat's annual turnover exceeded 1 Billion Dollar. When we look at the completed and ongoing projects worth undertaking major infrastructure projects in Turkey, it is one of the leading construction companies. Cengiz İnşaat Field of Activity Highway Airport Tünel Köprüengiz [more…]

Forward Rail

Advanced Rail Rail Construction Systems

Civil Engineering Tolga GÜRBÜZER and Şerafettin İLERİ was established in 2007 and the construction of railway rail infrastructure and superstructure works, maintenance works of existing lines and renovation projects, supply of materials and equipment, application [more…]

DFM Railway

DFM Railway Co.

DFM RAILWAY 2014 has formed its staff with experts in the field. In the world and in our country, the rail system which has an important place in the transportation sector is DFM DEMİRYOLU A.Ş. s services. On rail systems; solution, project [more…]



VADEMSAS is a world leader in railway scissor systems, voestalpine is a company of VAE Group. Its innovative motion, locking and surveillance systems complement the product portfolio of diagnostic systems and multi-tier service options for stationary installations and moving materials. [more…]

Design Railway

Design Rail Shears Systems Inc.

Our Founder Mr. Our company, which was founded by Cafer ORBAY in 2004 in Ankara Ostim, has been active in the first years of its commercial life with the experience of machining in heavy industry and big-sized parts in CNC machine tools. 2015 [more…]

Basaksoy Railway Shears

Başaksoy Railway Shears Production Inc.

BASAKSOY, which has started its activities in railway shears production sector, has continued its growth in the same time period with the seriousness of its responsibility in the process of restructuring of our country as one of the reliable and respected companies in many other sectors. [more…]


Anatolian Rail Systems Cluster

"Rail system is our national cause," which set out the principles Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems (ARUS) Cluster, Turkey's first non-regional and cluster covering the whole of Anatolia, industrialists engaged in manufacturing for our country rail transport system, supporting institutions and our organization [more…]

ABB Electric

ABB Electric Industry Inc.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading technology leader in the public, industrial, transport and infrastructure industries offering global services in the areas of power networks, electrification products, industrial automation and robotics and motion. 130 continues the tradition of innovation beyond the year [more…]



Metroray has chosen the design and application of intercity and intercity rail systems as its main business area. In this context, both the main contractor and subcontractor continues to work. Besides, Metroray, industrial facility and highway [more…]

Ilgaz construction equipment

Ilgaz Construction

Ilgaz Construction and Trade. Ltd. Sti. and its sister companies continue their works in both the highways and railway constructions in the construction sector. Our company is one of the biggest suppliers in our country regarding the production of pre-stressed high speed train sleeper and shear traverses. our company [more…]



YAPIRAY, which aims to provide services in the field of Rail Systems, which has become more and more important with each passing day, was founded as an expertise company in 1998 by counting the experiences acquired within the structure of Yapı Merkezi as intellectual capital. YAPIRAY, since its establishment Rail Systems [more…]

Construction Center

Building Center

Yapı Merkezi was founded in 1965 in order to produce modern construction projects that will serve to create happiness for people and to realize their construction. Yapı Merkezi performs universal-sized projects; to manage the risks well, the quality of products and services [more…]

Aspen Building and Ground

Aspen Building and Ground

1989'dan today, the first day of excitement; YOUR PROJECT, PROJECT ... ASPEN Building and Flooring Inc. Founded in 1989, with a successful history and is among the leading construction companies of Turkey and the floor is the vision of being a regional leader in the industry. [more…]