Voyah Dream in Turkey: Price 6 Million 999 Thousand TL

Voyah Dream Price in Turkey is Million Thousand TL
Voyah Dream Price in Turkey is Million Thousand TL

Voyah, a premium electric car manufacturer under the umbrella of Dongfeng, one of China's automotive giants, announced the Turkey sales price of the luxury MPV model Dream, which it positions as its flagship.

While Voyah Dream is offered for sale in our country with the HIGH hardware package, the special price for the limited edition launch has been determined as 6 million 999 thousand TL. Dream HIGH, 435 percent electric luxury MPV with 620 HP power and 100 Nm torque; In addition to its 4WD traction system and automatic transmission that can distribute torque, it offers its users excellent comfort features with air suspensions in the form of environmentally friendly mobility.

Exceeding 5.3 meters in length, Voyah Dream offers a unique comfort and luxury experience for all passengers in its 2+2+3-person interior. With its seats with heating, ventilation and massage features, Dynaudio music system, interior ambient lighting adjustable in 64 different colours, 1.4 meter wide cockpit with 3 screens, and technological infrastructure with ultra-advanced operating system, Voyah Dream appeals to those who want to experience the luxurious and comfortable travels of the future today. .

Marcar Automotive Inc. Premium electric car manufacturer Voyah, represented in Turkey by Dongfeng, one of China's automotive giants, is offering the luxury MPV model Dream for sale in Turkey, following two versions of the fully electric SUV model Free. The special launch period price of Voyah Dream, which was pre-ordered in November and available only in limited quantities, was announced as 6 million 999 thousand TL.

The 2024 percent electric Voyah Dream, which is planned to be delivered as of the beginning of 100, offers the latest comfort-oriented technologies of the automotive world in its luxurious interior with seven-seat seating arrangement. Voyah Dream, which weighs 435 kilograms with its dual electric motor capable of producing 620 HP power and 2.692 Nm torque, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, while its maximum speed is 200 km/h. The fast charging time of its battery goes from 36 percent to 20 percent charge in approximately 80 minutes and offers a range of 480 km, making the vehicle preferred compared to its competitors in daily use or intercity travel.

In pre-sales in China, 4 thousand units were ordered on the first day alone.

Voyah, a premium automobile manufacturer under the umbrella of Dongfeng, one of China's automotive giants, collected 4 thousand requests for the Dream model, which it put up for pre-order in China in the first days of October. This high figure, received only on the day it was opened for order, proved the interest in the luxury MPV rising through the ESSA platform. Dream, most of whose 2024 production has already been allocated to Voyah representatives around the world, is produced by Marcar Otomotiv A.Ş. in Turkey. is being brought together with its new owners by.

It appeals to the most luxurious segment of the MPV class

Voyah Dream reflects its all-electric performance on the roads with a magnificent design. With a length of 5315 mm, a width of 1985 mm and a height of 1800 mm, Voyah Dream's 3200 mm wheelbase gives clues about its spacious interior. While the optimum balance between aerodynamic efficiency and easy overcoming of possible obstacles is achieved with the 150 mm floor height, the imposing design is reinforced with 20-inch alloy wheels. 4 different body color options, Snow White, Star Night, Raising Purple and Sun Gold, are paired with Cotton Beige and Camel Brown interior decoration themes.

The large chrome grille in the front design, adorned with the illuminated Voyah logo and light decorations supporting LED technology headlights, emphasizes the imposing expression. The perception of quality is further increased with chrome decorations that make the lower parts of the doors, window frames and rear lights more accentuated.

Magnificent interior

With its interior that exceeds expectations in the luxury MPV segment, Voyah Dream hits the road with a seating arrangement for 2+2+3 people. In the interior, where you step into the traditionally opening front doors and electric sliding rear doors, the seats are completely covered with environmentally friendly leather upholstery, and special cup holders for the second and third rows are not forgotten.

The 12-way electrically adjustable driver's seat includes heating, ventilation and massage functions. The front passenger seat, which can be adjusted in 6 directions, and the second row seats, which can be electrically adjusted in 10 different ways, also offer heating, ventilation and massage functions. Two independent, reclining second row seats also offer folding tables, providing a first-class travel experience. It provides its passengers with a rich experience with both visual and auditory senses, with ambient lighting in 2 different colors and a music system signed by Dynaudio.

Voyah Dream's glass roof at both the front and rear supports the bright and spacious structure of the interior. While the glass roof at the front illuminates an area covering the front seats, it can be opened and closed electrically and can be covered with curtains when the interior is desired to be isolated. The glass roof at the rear allows the interior atmosphere to be changed with an electric curtain.

The trunk, which can be accessed by opening the electric tailgate upwards, offers a space of 427 liters in the standard position. Luggage volume can be increased to 2 liters by simply folding down the third row seats. In this way, 680 of the 20-inch oversized suitcases can be carried at the same time. Providing all these features as standard, Voyah Dream raises the bar in the segment.

The comfort of the future is experienced today in the cabin equipped with the latest technologies.

A unique luxury experience is experienced with Voyah's latest technological equipment in the interior, which can be configured for a total of 7 people. The technological cockpit, which houses the Qualcomm 8155 chip-based operating system, provides an impressive appearance with its borderless design with a total width of 3 meters and accommodating 1.4 different screens. Systems such as parking assistant, which includes a 360-degree vision system, Automatic Parking Assistant (APA), Remote Parking Assistant (RPA) and L2+ Smart Driving Assistant can be monitored from these areas. Safe, comfortable and peaceful journeys can be achieved thanks to 2 different support system technologies, including Level 25 autonomous driving features in Voyah Dream.

Ultra comfortable electric MPV offering sports car performance!

Voyah Dream, which draws attention with its performance data supporting its imposing design, offers a quiet and smooth travel experience with its fully electric infrastructure. Thanks to its 108.73 kWh battery pack and dual engine, the Voyah Dream, which is a four-wheel drive with torque vectoring via a single-rate automatic transmission, accelerates from 5.9 to 0 km/h in 100 seconds and can reach an electronically limited maximum of 200 km/h. Each engine of the ultra-luxury MPV, which can offer 480 km electric range according to WLTC norms, has 160 kW power and 310 Nm torque. Voyah Dream's total system power is 320 kW (435 HP) and its torque is 620 Nm.

At fast charging stations, batteries can be charged from 20 percent to 80 percent in approximately 36 minutes, while charging from 11 to 0 percent can be completed in approximately 100 hours using 12 kW AC charging. The average consumption value is announced as 20,0 kWh/100 km. Voyah Dream's batteries are offered with an 8-year/160 thousand km warranty.

In addition to Voyah Dream's curb weight of 2 kilograms and carrying capacity of 692 kilograms, it also offers a trailer towing capacity of approximately 525 tons. Voyah Dream uses height-adjustable, hardness or softness adjustable, air, double-arm independent suspension and adjustable shock absorbers at the front, while the 1.2-arm independent suspension at the rear also includes air, adjustable shock absorbers with height, hardness or softness settings. Thanks to the "Smart Damping Control" in the advanced suspension system, impacts that may come from the road are not reflected on the passengers.

Comfort and technology with rich equipment

Voyah Dream draws attention with its equipment features that offer the highest standards of the automotive industry in a single MPV. The braking system, which uses air-ducted discs on four wheels, is supported by ABS, EBD, EBA, BAS, BA and EVA technologies. Driving and supports that include ESP/ESC are reinforced with ASR, TCS, TRC, ATC. Voyah Dream comes standard with side air curtains for the front and rear seats, as well as 6 different airbags. The technologically advanced Voyah Dream helps control the situation on the road with a wide range of functions and driver assistants. Standard active safety equipment offered for sale in the Turkish market:

“Automatic Braking System, Forward Collision Warning System, Blind Spot Warning System, 360° Surround Cameras, Automatic Parking Assistant, Night Vision System, Traffic Assistant with Speed ​​Limiter (ACC), Traffic Jam Assistant (TJA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Center Assist, multifunctional rearview mirror camera with traffic sign recognition, Rear Traffic Alert System, Driver Fatigue Warning System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, acoustic warning that audibly attracts pedestrians' attention when driving at low speeds. FCW forward collision warning system, RCW rear collision warning, FVSR front car start reminder, RCTA reverse warning system, DOW open door warning system, LDW lane departure warning system, LCA lane departure warning, BSD blind spot detection system, fatigued driving monitoring and early warning, AVM 360° panoramic video system, guard mode, ISA speed limit identification system, TJA traffic jam assistance, HWA highway assistance, ICA intelligent cruise assistant, AEB automatic braking system, LCC lane centering system, ACC full speed area adaptive cruise, F-APA is the industry's most comprehensive visual fusion automatic parking system.”

Healthy air quality and music system

The advanced air conditioning system in Voyah Dream can always create fresh air in the vehicle with its PM2.5 real-time monitoring and filtering function. IAQS Air Quality Management provides a healthy and isolated atmosphere in the interior according to the air quality outside the vehicle. Depending on the mode selection, the essence is distributed in accordance with the ambiance in the vehicle, thus preventing unwanted odors. Dyaudio Premium high quality HIFI sound system is used as the music system.

Gives confidence with its after-sales services

Voyah, which has just entered the Turkish automotive market as of 2023, instills confidence with the after-sales services it provides. All Voyah Free and Dream models sold by Marcar with "0" km have an 8-year battery warranty and a 5-year car warranty, while all the needs of their users can be met with roadside assistance and damage support line.

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