Turkish Hard Coal Institution to Recruit 2000 Workers

Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises
Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises

To be employed in the art of "panel-foot production labor" in the underground workplaces of the General Directorate of Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises and its affiliated workplaces, with the status of permanent workers subject to the Labor Law No. 4857, "The Procedures and Procedures to be Applied in Recruiting Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations" published in the Official Gazette dated 09.08.2009 and numbered 27314. According to the provisions of the "Regulation on Principles", among those who applied through Zonguldak, Bartın and Karabük Employment Institutions, those who meet the following conditions are determined by the electronic draw to be held by the Notary;

A total of 1500 underground "panel-foot production workers" will be recruited, including 400 from Zonguldak province, 100 from Bartın province and 2000 from Karabük province Yenice district.

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– Being over 18 years of age as of the last day of the application date,

– Being at least a primary school graduate,

– Not being under 32 years of age as of the first day of the application date,

– To be a resident of Zonguldak province for the recruitment of 1500 workers, in Bartın province for the recruitment of 400 workers, and in the Yenice district of Karabük province for the recruitment of 100 workers.

Within the 25.09.2023-day recruitment announcement period that will start on 5 by the Zonguldak, Bartın and Karabük Labor and Employment Institution Provincial Directorates, candidates who meet the conditions must apply to the Zonguldak, Bartın or Karabük Employment Agency Provincial Directorates according to the address registered in the Address-Based Population Registration System. is required.

In order to identify candidates who will be eligible for employment among the applicants;

Zonguldak for the recruitment of 1500 workers; On 13.10.2023 at 14:00, in Zonguldak Site (Bahçelievler) Indoor Sports Hall,

Bartın for the recruitment of 400 workers; On 20.10.2023 at 14:00, at Bartın Ömer Tepesi Indoor Sports Hall,

Karabük Yenice district for the recruitment of 100 workers; On 20.10.2023 at 16:00 at Karabük Yenişehir Merkez Sports Hall,
A notary draw will be held.

1500 principal and 750 substitute candidates for Zonguldak, 400 principal and 200 substitute candidates for Bartın, and 100 principal and 50 substitute candidates for Yenice district of Karabük province will be determined by notary draw from the application lists to be announced on our Institution's website, taken from Zonguldak, Bartın and Karabük İş-Kur Provincial Directorates.

Candidates who will be eligible for employment as a result of the electronic lottery draw; As a result of the health examinations to be carried out by the full-fledged hospitals to which they will be referred by our institution, in accordance with the provisions of the TTK Physical Strength Directive prepared in accordance with the rules of the "Occupational Health and Safety Law" dated 20.06.2012 and numbered 633, "Underground

They will be employed if they receive a stable health report stating that they work in the art of panel-foot production craftsmanship and if they do not have any crimes that prevent them from entering the job, according to the results of the Archive Research conducted by the Provincial Police Department.

Among the candidates determined as the main candidates as a result of the notary draw; Those who do not meet the application conditions, do not submit the requested documents within the required period without excuse, cannot obtain the report of "works in the art of underground panel leg production" according to the health examination required in accordance with the TTK Physical Strength Directive, and have a crime that prevents them from getting a job according to the Archive Research to be carried out by the Zonguldak Provincial Police Department. Replacement candidates will be called to replace those who leave the job within 8 months, starting from the first person on the reserve list.

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