TCDD Tasimacilik will prepare its 2024-28 Strategic Plan jointly with the Stakeholders

TCDD to Prepare the Strategic Plan of Transportation with the Stakeholders
TCDD to Prepare the Strategic Plan of Transportation with the Stakeholders

Under the leadership of TCDD Transportation General Manager Ufuk Yalçın, the External Stakeholder Workshop was held at the Behiç Erkin Hall on Wednesday, September 2024, within the scope of our Company's preparation of the 28-6 Strategic Plan.

External Stakeholder Workshop conducted under the coordination of the Strategy and Institutional Development Department; Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Kemal Topçu and Assoc. Dr. It was held under the moderation of Ali Gürsoy with the participation of railway private sector representatives, associations and non-governmental organizations.

Our General Manager Ufuk Yalçın started his workshop opening speech by thanking all stakeholders for their contributions to our Company's External Stakeholder Workshop and saying welcome.

“We will walk on this journey together with all the stakeholders in Turkey who contribute to the development of the railway.”

Emphasizing that it is important to make plans with a multi-dimensional approach for companies to reach the determined targets, General Manager Yalçın continued his words as follows:

“As you all know, it is an expected acceptance that companies plan the steps they will take in order to reach the place where they are positioned in the future, and follow the planned processes, at the same time, they go step by step by putting performance criteria there, and as a result, they reach the point imagined as the output of the 5-year strategic plan. There is another essential point here. TCDD Transportation Inc. As we, it is not possible for us to reach the point that we dream of, only with the work we will do with our internal stakeholders. We will walk together on this journey together with all the stakeholders in Turkey who contribute to the development of the railway. In this journey, it is our external stakeholders who best identify our shortcomings, our advantages, and the issues we experience difficulties. In this sense, we attach great importance to external stakeholder analysis. We know that this will shed light on the five-year period with the works you will complete today, and we will see our shortcomings, strengths and difficulties, and we will try to eliminate them in the next five years, based on these determinations by you."

Yalçın continued his words by pointing out that there has been a process in which railway transportation has been liberalized for about 6 years:

“Although there are some difficulties and difficulties experienced with liberalization, we do not see the private sector operating as other railway train operators as our competitors. We believed that with their development, railway transportation would reach the desired point in Turkey, and we continue to do so. We supported the towed vehicles of other train operators at the time of their first establishment and our support still continues. In the following processes, we will continue to work on transferring our savings to private sector train operators and strengthening them.”

Considering the 2053 strategic plan of railway transportation in Turkey, Yalçın stated that they have very big goals and said:

“I want to knit the year 2035. A plan was put forward for approximately 305 million tons of cargo to come to the railway. In order to achieve this goal, we, as TCDD Tasimacilik, need to make up for our shortcomings very quickly in the coming years, with our duties and the duties of our stakeholders. In this context, in our meeting with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance this week, we brought up the investments in towing and towed vehicles, and revealed our needs. These investments will contribute to the development of private train operators, which will also reflect positively. Only as TCDD Tasimacilik, we will not use this investment alone, but together with all our stakeholders. We also continue to support them to be made nationally and locally. We want to manage this process with our stakeholders in Turkey.”

Ufuk Yalçın pointed out that the knowledge and experience that will shed light on the 50 years of Turkey, not the five years, is available in the 166-year-old institution:

“We want to carry this experience forward, to meet our 2053 cargo and passenger transportation targets by quickly eliminating our shortcomings. Here, we expect you to evaluate us and to reveal our shortcomings and advantages in a transparent way. Your critical approach is the crown of our heads. Because as you all know, a very different agenda awaits us on energy and environmental management in Europe in the near future and we need to be prepared for these issues. Together with our stakeholders, we will strengthen these areas, complete our deficiencies and fulfill the task assigned to us in the Turkish Century together with all our stakeholders. We will continue the development of the railway together at the point of carrying Turkey to the future.”

Ufuk Yalçın once again thanked everyone who contributed to this study and ended his speech as follows:

“As of September 30, we will have completed our work. Thus, where we will be as TCDD Tasimacilik in the 5-year period, how will the relations between us and our stakeholders be, and we will have determined our entire roadmap. I wish you all the best, thank you again.”

“The Strategic Plan is a flexible plan, it can be revised every year by evaluating it or new things can be added”

2024-2028 Strategic Plan manager Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Kemal Topçu emphasized that with the External Stakeholder Workshop today, they will create a 5 Strategic Year Plan in the light of the participation and contribution of external stakeholders and the data they provide, and said:

“We care about a wide participation in terms of TCDD Tasimacilik being open to innovation. Presence of representatives from the provincial organization, manager interviews, Internal Stakeholder Workshop etc. While ensuring this participation with internal stakeholders through methods, we aim for the participation of external stakeholders by means of External Stakeholder Workshop, taking the views of foreign stakeholders, etc., as it is today. As it is known, we reveal the situation of our Company with SWOT analysis. We assess strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. PESTLE analysis is also very important for the Strategic Plan. PESTLE, with its initials, evaluates our Company in terms of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Eco-system elements. The Strategic Plan is a flexible plan, it can be revised every year and new things can be added. Strategic Plan is actually the efficient and effective allocation of resources and prioritizing the work. In a two-axis plan, the question of what we can do new is answered while aiming to do the existing works correctly. We need a shared vision, most importantly we need talents, human resources. We need motivation for this human resource. We need environmental protection. Above all, it must be practicable. It should not remain on paper. That would be a huge waste. Waste must also be prevented. So Where Are We? Where do we want to reach? How will we reach it? How do we measure and evaluate? The most fundamental issue for us to realize all these is the adoption, belief and implementation of this plan by everyone, especially the managers. We see this synergy. We thank our managers for leading this synergy.”

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