'HobiFest 2023' gave Antalya residents a full weekend

'HobiFest' gave Antalya residents a full weekend
'HobiFest' gave Antalya residents a full weekend

'HobiFest 2023', where Antalya Metropolitan Municipality brought together hobby enthusiasts, gave Antalya residents a full weekend. 'HobiFest 77', in which 2023 hobby clubs participated, ended with colorful images. Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek He shared the enthusiasm of the citizens by using a 'Java' brand motorcycle at the event.

Turkey's first and only hobby festival 'HobiFest 2023', organized by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, was held with great enthusiasm in the Glass Pyramid area. The event, attended by 77 amateur and professional hobby clubs, witnessed colorful scenes. At 'HobiFest 2023', which took place in the Glass Pyramid area, for two days, hobby and adventure enthusiasts introduced their activities with events and provided citizens with different experiences.

Mayor Böcek Together with Hobby Clubs

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek, 'HobiFest did not leave hobby enthusiasts alone in 2023. Mayor Böcek visited the hobby clubs one by one and received information about their activities, and experienced the flight simulator during his visit to the stand of the Turkish Aeronautical Association. While Mayor Böcek was shooting arrows at the archery club, he met with all the hobby clubs participating in HobiFest 2023.

Toured with Java

President Muhittin BöcekWhile taking a short tour on the java brand motorcycle, he stated that the java motorcycle has a special place for him. President Böcek, who also visited the stand of the Antalya Branch of the Turkish Radio (Radio) Amateurs Association (TRAC), took the microphone of the radio and communicated with the radio station in TRAC's Kumluca district. Mayor Böcek recently visited the special track created in Beach Park for off-road clubs and thanked them for the adrenaline-filled shows they performed for two days.

77 Hobby Clubs Joined

The President said that cultural and artistic events are very important for a city like Antalya, which receives 25 million local and foreign visitors annually. Muhittin BöcekOur 'HobiFest 2023' event was very nice. 77 of our hobby clubs participated. Our citizens enjoyed a festival over the weekend where they could find all the hobby activities they were looking for. I would like to thank all our participants and visitors who attended HobiFest, both from outside the city and from Antalya. As of the day we took office, we brought 7 important festivals to Antalya. "We carry out all these activities with the intense participation of our people," he said.

It was the scene of colorful images

At HobiFest 2023, many events for motorcycles, cycling, skiing, mountaineering, water sports, tennis, orienteering, nature and adventure sports met with citizens. At the event, which attracted great interest from the people of Antalya for two days, hobby clubs introduced their activities and provided participants with various experiences with various shows. Off-road shows at HobiFest 2023 also received great appreciation from the audience. Various music and dance groups added color to HobiFest 2023 on the stage set up in the Glass Pyramid area.

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