Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid will be in Turkey in November with Special 'e-Series' Equipment

Citroen C Aircross Hybrid will be in Turkey in November with its special 'e Series' equipment
Citroen C Aircross Hybrid will be in Turkey in November with its special 'e Series' equipment

Citroen's breakthrough in electric mobility transformation continues with the C5 Aircross, which is added to the brand's electric and electrically assisted model range, presented with the characteristic letter "e".

The innovative hybrid technology of the Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 e-DCS6 consists of a new generation 136 HP (100 kW) PureTech gasoline engine, in addition to a 21 kW electric motor, a new electric dual-clutch transmission e-DCS6 and a 48V battery that automatically charges in some driving conditions. is formed. The new Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 keeps emissions and fuel consumption under control, while taking in-car comfort even further and providing superior driving pleasure. Providing extremely precise acceleration performance, the hybrid system also provides up to 15 percent lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than an equivalent gasoline engine, as well as the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages of electric mode.

The electric experience, which does not require charging, provides an uninterrupted and smooth ride. Driving modes and energy recovery are managed automatically. Thus, approximately half of urban usage can be done completely electric and in 0 emission mode. The new C5 Aircross Hybrid 136, which has these environmentally friendly and efficient features, will be sold in Turkey starting from November with Citroen's special "e-Series" version. Exclusive to the “e-Series” version, the ë-Series logo, black roof and black alloy wheels are offered as standard. In its interior, it provides a more spacious interior with its new generation Alcantara seats in light tones made from 68 percent recycled materials. This special series can be distinguished from other models thanks to the logos containing the letters "e" on the trunk lid and interior.

Increasing its sales day by day with the most comfortable SUV models in the automotive market, Citroen is introducing a special version called "e-Series" prepared for the C5 Aircross to the roads of Turkey in November, together with the new generation, charging-free hybrid option C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 e-DCS6. Citroen C136 Aircross, which has a new hybrid unit combined with a 5 HP gasoline engine, also reveals a characteristic design with its pearlescent white exterior that contrasts with black elements such as the dual-color roof and alloy wheels. Reflecting Citroen's unique comfort by offering a bright and serene environment in its interior with new and light tones, Citroen C5 Aircross "e-Series" contains 68 percent recycled fiber in the fabrics of the seats; It contains new generation Alcantara materials that are soft, warm and environmentally friendly.

The most comfortable C-SUV gets a hybrid option

C5 Aircross, which stands out as the C-SUV model that promises the most comfortable journeys in the automotive industry with Citroen's Advanced Comfort production technologies, is starting to launch its "e-Series" special version with its hybrid power unit. The unrivaled in-car comfort experience combined with original and assertive design includes lower-emission journeys with the C5 Aircross Hybrid 136. This version, defined as Hybrid 136, is a solution that does not require charging. Based on the compact and lightweight hybrid 5V technology in the Citroen C136 Aircross Hybrid 48, the system includes a 48-Volt battery that charges in some driving conditions, a 136 HP PureTech gasoline engine designed to adapt to the new hybrid system, and a new dual-clutch e-DCS21 transmission with a 6 kW electric motor. owner. With CO129 emissions of just 2g/km based on the combined WLTP cycle, the C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 emits 15 percent less CO2 than the equivalent non-electric petrol version. Again, it emits 12 percent less CO2 emissions than the diesel version with an equivalent engine and displays a more aggressive character with reactions that increase driving pleasure.

New mild hybrid 48V technology

Thanks to mild hybrid 48V technology, mixed or emission-free, fully electric driving times are optimized. This means more driving comfort, less consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Lightweight and compact hybrid technology consists of the following components:

-1.2 percent of the parts of the new generation 40 PureTech gasoline engine, which was specially developed for the hybrid system, are new. The 3-cylinder and 1199 cc volume engine provides 5500 HP (136 kW) power at 100 rpm and 1750 Nm torque at 230 rpm. The variable geometry turbocharger contributes to performance and the cam chain contributes to durability. The engine, which meets the Euro 6.4 norm, operates in accordance with the Miller cycle and improves thermal efficiency.

-Permanent magnet synchronous electromotor produces 21 kW (28 HP) power and 55 Nm torque. It allows the C5 Aircross to proceed fully electric at low speeds, when maneuvering or decelerating for low torque requirements. It also supports the gasoline engine at the moment of starting. It acts as a generator to charge the battery during deceleration. It also reduces wear and tear on the brakes.

The belt starter engine, which works with -48V, enables the gasoline engine to start quickly and quietly.

-The new electric dual clutch transmission has a 6-speed dual clutch with no torque interruption, designed specifically for e-DCS6 and hybrid systems. With this application, gear shifts are shorter and driving is more comfortable. With the electric motor, inverter and ECU integrated, the space under the hood is optimized.

-432V Lithium-Ion battery with a usable capacity of 48 Wh is located under the left front seat. Thus, the battery does not have any impact on the trunk or interior.

-In addition, thanks to a voltage converter, some of the electricity produced by the 48V electric motor is converted to 12V to power the car's equipment. In this way, two separate power lines can be fed together.

A Dynamic and Contrast Visual Identity with the “e-Series” Collection

In the "e-Series" of the Citroen C5 Aircross, which started to be offered with the new hybrid option, the symbol of the special collection is determined as the pearlescent white body color, while those who wish can also choose from the available color options. Revealing a prestigious, elegant and dynamic identity, this color enables the Citroen C5 Aircross to reflect its silhouette shaped with graphic elements in an even more dynamic and characterful way. While the pearlescent black roof is offered as standard in the "e-Series" version, it provides a fluid and dynamic integration with the dark colored rear windows that are also standard equipment. With the addition of 19-inch black "ART" alloy wheels, black elements in the floor and ceiling area make the pearl white body color stand out even more. The Citroen C5 Aircross “e-Series” also includes the “Dark Chrome Color Pack” applied to the bumper inserts and Airbump. Another element that distinguishes this special version from other models is the “e-Series” logo on the trunk lid, which cleverly blends glossy black, aluminum and white.

Zen effect in the interior

The peace and comfort in the cabin, a true Citroen signature, is taken to a much higher level with the combination specific to the Citroen C5 Aircross “e-Series”. The aim was to create a Zen-like and soothing atmosphere in the bright interior, shaped with light colors and warm materials. Thanks to this combination, where the feeling of space is increased, the interior of the “e-Series” drives away negative thoughts for relaxation. Light gray seats, backrests and armrests stand out with the “Grey” color applied to the sides of the seat, contours, upper backrest and headrests. These colors are also used on the armrests on the doors. The horizontal architecture extending to the door panels helps strengthen the perception of width in the cabin and provides integrity.

The attention given to details in the interior, which was developed to value passengers and journeys, draws attention. In the brand-specific seat designs, the band-shaped herringbone pattern applied on the upper part of the seat complements the horizontal design in the cabin. Unique to this special collection, there is also an “e” logo on the inside of the front seats. For customers who want a more dynamic and dark interior, the "e-Series" is offered with Alcantara seats. Alcantara covering for cushions, backrests and armrests contributes to the perception of quality and warmth. This coating, which provides support to passengers with its soft texture, is preferred for high-end interiors. Produced with an innovative technique, the outer surface of this Alcantara contains 68 percent recycled fiber and is in harmony with the "e-Series" spirit as well as environmental issues.

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