Sports Festival Held in Ankara

Sports Festival Held in Ankara
Sports Festival Held in Ankara

'Sports Festival' was organized in cooperation with BelPa AŞ and Decathlon, one of the subsidiaries of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to encourage the people of the capital to participate in sports and host sports activities with the aim of healthy generations. A Sports Festival was organized in Gazi Park in cooperation with BelPa AŞ, one of the subsidiaries of the metropolitan municipality, and Decathlon.

They had the opportunity to experience different sports branches

At the Sports Festival, which was held for the second time in Ankara and aimed to spread the passion for sports throughout Turkey, the people of the Capital had a fun day while having the opportunity to try different sports branches.

Stating that they are pleased with the interest shown in the festival, BelPa AŞ General Manager Çağrı Durak said, “There is an intense participation in the festival, which was held for the second time this year. Our aim here is to explain the benefits of sports to our citizens living in Ankara and to show the healthy aspects of sports. Training is given here in 15 different sports branches. “It's a beautiful day in Gazi Park.” said.

Stating that they are very happy to organize the festival together with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Decathlon Turkey Event and Cooperation Coordinator Esat Şeker said, “We are organizing the second festival this year, the first of which we held last year. A great organization is being held in Gazi Park. We hold various competitions. We have free experience areas. Participation is very high this year too. "We thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for their support," he said.

The citizens of the capital, who had a pleasant weekend by participating in the sports festival, also thanked Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

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