IETT, which carries 4 million passengers a day, increased the number of flights

Carrying Millions of Passengers a Day, IETT Increases the Number of Expeditions
Carrying Millions of Passengers a Day, IETT Increases the Number of Expeditions

IETT, which carries approximately 4 million passengers a day in Istanbul, increased the number of flights. IETT, which has established inspection stations at TÜVTÜRK standards with the investments it has made in the last four years, increased its uninterrupted flights to 98 percent.

IETT, which provides public transportation activities in every point of Istanbul with approximately 10 thousand personnel, carries out 55 thousand different trips a day. While it travels 655 thousand km per day with the buses, metrobus, adabus, adamini and nostalgic trams in its fleet, this figure reaches up to 1 million 255 thousand km with the Private Public Buses.

IETT has put its new efforts into action to ensure that these 55 thousand trips planned are completed flawlessly.


In the previous period, IETT vehicles were inspected only at TÜVTÜRK stations. Now, in addition to the periodic inspection and maintenance of all vehicles in both the IETT fleet and the Private Public Bus fleet, the vehicles are subjected to detailed inspection at inspection stations in accordance with TÜVTÜRK standards established by IETT in its own garages.

More than 4 thousand detailed inspections were carried out in 10 alone at these inspection stations, which were established in 2022 different locations in the last 11 years.


Thanks to the inspections carried out on many different parameters, from in-vehicle passenger information screens to braking systems, malfunctions that may occur during the journey can be prevented.

Thanks to these efforts of IETT, the flight completion rate, which was 2018% in 96, increased to over 98.1%.

📩 11/09/2023 10:02