Countdown Has Begun for Gaming Istanbul

Countdown Has Begun for Gaming Istanbul
Countdown Has Begun for Gaming Istanbul

Gaming Istanbul (GIST), one of the 8 largest international gaming and e-sports events in the world, will be held by Prof. in Yenikapı between 22 - 24 September 2023. Dr. Kadir Topbaş meets with game lovers at the Performance and Art Center. Gaming Istanbul, which will open its doors under the main sponsorship of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its subsidiaries Medya A.Ş. and OGEM, will host game tournaments, cosplay competitions, e-sports events, stands of gaming companies, new games and many more events.

In Gaming Istanbul, where many surprises await the visitors, PC GamePass will be given to 15 thousand visitors, and game lovers will have the opportunity to experience many new games such as Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

Gaming Istanbul, which will be held for the seventh time this year, will attract game lovers from all over Turkey to Prof. in Yenikapı on 22-24 September. Dr. It will bring together at Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center.

Hosting colorful images and activities every year, Gaming Istanbul brings together visitors with games on many platforms, from PC to console, from mobile games to e-sports tournaments. At Gaming Istanbul, visitors will also participate in award-winning e-sports matches and tournaments and meet with famous internet broadcasters. Local cosplay talents will appear in the cosplay competition and present colorful images to the visitors.

Important names of the gaming industry, such as Execution Labs' Founding Partner Jason Della Rocca and Remote Control Productions' CEO Hendrik Lesser, will be speakers at the B2B event Indieway, which is also organized for gaming professionals within the scope of Gaming Istanbul.

PC Game Pass for 15 thousand people

At Gaming Istanbul, which prepares many surprises for game enthusiasts, this year 15 thousand visitors are given a 1-month PCGame Pass, which allows them to access hundreds of high-quality games on Windows computers, including the Starfield game from Bethesda Game Studios. At Gaming Istanbul, which will continue for three days, the first 5 thousand people to come to the event area every day and a total of 15 thousand people will win PC Game Pass rights. Players will have the opportunity to play PC Game Pass games on the main stage of Gaming Istanbul.

On the other hand, at the stand, Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC, which game lovers have been eagerly awaiting, can be played as a demo. While popular games such as Mortal Kombat 1, NBA and Just Dance are presented to visitors at the Samsung stand, many new games are preparing to be showcased at Gaming Istanbul.

New games such as Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul, Cardboard Town, Land of the Vikings, Diriliş Ertuğrul, Mayhem Brawler II: Best of Both Worlds, Castle of Alchemists, Book Warrior and Pile Up, prepared by our country's valuable game studios, can also be played at Gaming Istanbul. He will meet his lovers. The first launch of Upgrade Entertainment's PC-Console game, whose name has not yet been announced, will be held at GIST and will be offered to the experience of visitors.

The world's important game developers will share their experiences

Gaming Istanbul's official B2 Betkinlik Indieway brings together gaming professionals at Gaming Istanbul. Many local and foreign gaming professionals who are experts in their fields will share their experiences within the scope of Indieway, which will start on September 21, one day before Gaming Istanbul, and continue until September 24.

In addition to the business boot camp on “The secrets of financing and scaling your studio”, which will be held with Jason Della Rocca, one of the respected names of the game industry, Indeway will also host game players such as Blay Games Art Director Maya Bora, Upgrade Entertainment Department Designer Balım Alpay and Remote Control Productions CEO Hendrik Lesser. Names that the world follows with interest will be speakers. This year, seminars and meetings for business development will be held with approximately 3000 important local and foreign participants at Indieway, the business development event and ecosystem for the gaming industry.

Gaming Istanbul, which is the only game event that allocates free space to freelance developers, will feature 36 games for free this year, depending on the quality of the applications, and will bring together more than 50 free game developers in total with visitors and investors. GameDev and GamesUP 8 games studio within Yıldız Technical University are participating in Gaming Istanbul. In addition to the games that will be seen for the first time, the university also continues to support game developers by sponsoring 10 indie areas.

Gaming Istanbul, where Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is the main sponsor, hosts many games such as Medya A.Ş, OGEM, Samsung,, GameDev, GamesUP, Microsoft, Turkcell, GeForce NOW powered by GAME+, Turkpin, Upgrade Entertainment and Unity. There are important brands, games and organizations. All information about Gaming Istanbul and B2B event Indieway, where new games are introduced, entertaining devices are presented to game lovers and award-winning tournaments are held, and the tickets for the event can be accessed at and

Located in Yenikapı, Dr. Gaming Istanbul, which will take place at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center, will start at 22 on September 23 and 10.00 and end at 20.00. The last day of the event, 24 September, will start at 10.00 on Sunday and will continue until 18.00. It will be open to visitors who love the game.

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