Bursa Gastronomy Festival Hosted More than 3 Thousand Visitors in 500 Days

Bursa Gastronomy Festival Hosted More Than a Thousand Visitors a Day
Bursa Gastronomy Festival Hosted More Than a Thousand Visitors a Day

The Gastronomy Festival, organized for the second time this year by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, hosted more than 3 thousand visitors in 500 days. Registered flavors of Bursa were showcased at the 'Green Bursa, Green Gastronomy' themed Gastronomy Festival, which was organized for the second time this year by the Metropolitan Municipality and lasted for 3 days. Merinos Park, which turned into a giant kitchen within the scope of the festival, which started with a colorful cortege march, was flocked by the people of Bursa during the festival. In addition to the brand flavors of Bursa, traditional tastes from different regions were also introduced to the people of Bursa. Producer women's cooperatives and associations of Bursa, which are constantly supported by the Metropolitan Municipality, also had the opportunity to exhibit their handicrafts at the festival.

Famous chefs on the gastro stage

At the festival, all aspects of gastronomy are discussed with academic sessions where 'green gastronomy' is mainly discussed; Gastro shows, interviews where taste stories were told, and concerts also attracted attention. Chef Doğa Çitçi, Chef Esat Özata, Chef Umut Karakuş, Chef Sahrap Soysal, Chef Müge Ergül, Chef Türev Uludağ, Chef Emre İdrisoğlu and Chef Somer Sivrioğlu won the hearts of the people of Bursa with both their stage shows and interviews. The enthusiasm reached its peak at the Mustafa Ceceli concert held on the second day of the festival. The people of Bursa, who filled the concert area in droves, accompanied the songs of the famous artist as a huge choir.

Meanwhile, the longest pastry eating contest, baklava eating contest and the most tahini pita eating contest held within the scope of the festival witnessed both contentious and colorful scenes. The competitions won by those who ate the fastest were also watched with interest by the citizens. In the 'We added love to food with my mother' competition, little chefs showed off their skills in the kitchen.

Protocol in the kitchen

The festival brought together not only famous chefs, children and gastronomy students, but also Bursa protocol with the kitchen. On the first day of the festival, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş 'lamb kapama', Governor Demirtaş 'kirde kebab', Deputy Mustafa Varank 'chestnut rice', Deputy Emel Gözükara Durmaz and Emine Yavuz Gözgeç 'parsley meatballs', Deputy Ahmet Kılıç 'grape dede soup'. made. He received full marks from the citizens with his protocol dishes. On the second day of the festival, Mayor Aktaş wore an apron for Chef Türev Uludağ's 'If I Was a Food' program and showed off his skills in the kitchen.

Bursa is very beautiful, you should come too.

Evaluating the Bursa Gastronomy Festival, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they constantly emphasize that Bursa, a city where different cultures have been blended throughout history, is also an important gastronomy city.

Stating that they were happy to hold the second Gastronomy Festival, which they organized last year to reveal this rich culinary culture and bring it to tourism, with an intense participation, Mayor Aktaş said, "We said 'Bursa is very beautiful, you should come too' and we responded to our call from all the people of the country, even from abroad." Even our friends responded. And once again, Bursa experienced full days. I know that both our participants and the people who benefit from this place are very curious about the excitement of the third edition. But remember that Bursa is a city of gastronomy for 3 days, not 365 days. You can easily taste these flavors in every restaurant in Bursa. “I would like to thank our citizens, academics, companies and chefs who added value to our festival with their participation.” said.

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