Aprilia RS Family is Completed with Aprilia RS 457

Aprilia RS Family Completes with Aprilia RS
Aprilia RS Family Completes with Aprilia RS

The RS model family is completed with the Aprilia RS 457, which hits the roads with Aprilia's experiences from numerous motor sports successes, especially MotoGP. As an original and true sports motorcycle, Aprilia RS offers a sporty product family by entering a new segment for future generations and new markets. With the RS 457, it guarantees fun riding by providing the highest power-to-weight ratio in the A2 driving license class with 35 kW power and 159 kg curb weight. It does. The motorcycle is easy to use and lightweight, with advanced technical solutions transferred directly from the upper classes and an aggressive design in the thoroughbred RS style; It has a twin-cylinder, four-valve and double overhead camshaft (DOHC) liquid-cooled engine.

Aprilia RS 457, a true RS with its aluminum alloy frame, Ride-by-Wire technology, adjustable traction control and three riding modes, is the ideal connection between the entry-level 125 and the RS 660.

Aprilia, the legendary brand of the tracks and roads in the production of performance motorcycles, aims to be the reference point in new technology and design for young motorcyclists around the world with the RS 457, and to lead the world of sports motorcycles with the Aprilia style. With the RS 457, a step is taken not only technologically but also historically. Aprilia's new twin-cylinder sports motorcycle appeals to new targets and markets to meet the growing demand worldwide for motorcycles that are groundbreaking in terms of technology and design, which are fun in addition to ease of use, targeting broad market segments.

The abbreviation RS represents Aprilia's sense of sportiness. These motorcycles have been designed with experience and innovations gained from Aprilia's long and successful racing history, which has shaped Aprilia's unique motorcycle culture. Thus, Aprilia became the object of desire of all generations, satisfying the passion of young riders for superior motorcycles. The brand has also become a leading player, dominating the racing world's 2-stroke categories. After once again confirming its technological superiority by winning SBK races, it also came to the fore in MotoGP.

Michele Colaninno: “We are one step closer to the globalization of Aprilia”

Piaggio Group CEO Michele Colaninno; “The Aprilia brand has been experiencing an intense burst of renewal in recent years. This process is also supported by continuous progress in the racing world. The brand has recently introduced the 660 family to the market, first RS and Tuono, and then Tuareg, creating a complete and competitive product range and expanding its targets. We are ready to take another step towards the future with a fantastic motorcycle, developed entirely in Noale, that has the capacity to stimulate and excite young people, opening the door to huge potential in new markets near and far. "We are one step closer to the globalization of a brand that has always demonstrated the magnificent combination of technology, entertainment and innovative approach in its DNA," he said.

RS Family is completed

Aprilia returns to its founding mission with a project for the new generation of motorcyclists and brings together the information it has gained from world tracks. The great success of the Aprilia RS 660, as Europe's best-selling sports motorcycle, as of 2020, has revolutionized the world of middle-class sports motorcycles and created a new segment. The winning formula is repeated with the Aprilia RS 457, which started as a new project, designed and developed where all Aprilia models, including MotoGP motorcycles, are created. The new Aprilia is the ideal link between the entry-level 125 engine and the RS 660. This completes the RS family, which also includes powerful V4 superbikes and the MotoGP-winning RS-GP in its most technologically advanced form.

A2 offers the highest power-to-weight ratio that can be used with a driver's license

The Aprilia RS 457 draws on all the company's expertise to design and manufacture a true sports motorcycle and speaks the same language as young riders who want to start riding motorcycles. Its lightweight structure, having the highest power-to-weight ratio that can be used with an A2 driver's license, ease of use and technological equipment are the strengths of this motorcycle.

The RS 457 was designed to accompany road and track motorcyclists. Ergonomics is evident with the clip-on handlebars mounted on the upper handlebar plate. This is the preferred solution for road sports motorcycles, providing the best balance between sportiness and riding comfort.

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