4 Firms Offered for Alikahya Stadium Tram Line Tender

Firm Offered for Alikahya Stadium Tram Line Tender
4 Firms Offered for Alikahya Stadium Tram Line Tender

A closed tender procedure was held for the construction of Alikahya Stadium Tram Line to be built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. After the prequalification tender, 4 companies with qualifications submitted bids. The bid envelopes of the companies participating in the tender, which was held in the sealed envelope method, were opened one by one. The lowest bid was 628.503.748,80 TL. The bids from the companies will be evaluated after being examined by the tender commission.


4 companies submitted bids for the construction of the tram line project prepared by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Rail Systems Branch Directorate. The winning company will start working in the area from the bus station, which is currently the last stop, to the stadium. The line, which will be 3,8 kilometers long, is planned to consist of 6 stops. With the completion of the project, the traffic flow of the region will be relieved and public transportation will become more comfortable.


The new line will start from the bus station depot area and will end at the closest point on the Independence Street. The line, which will be 3,8 kilometers long, will consist of 6 stops. First stop of the line; At the intersection of Fener Street and Sultan Murat Street, the second stop is Fatma Seher Hanım, where the street intersects with İbni Sina Street, the third stop is on Sakıp Sabancı Street at the intersection with Fenerli Street, the fourth stop is on Sakıp Sabancı Street, at the intersection with Nar Çiçeği Street, the fifth stop is Independence At the intersection of Yunus Emre Street, the sixth stop will be at the end of Independence Street.


  1. Nurol Construction 1.089.627.421,60 TL
  2. 58 Yapı İnş.-Vizer İnş. 1.123.456.789 TL
  3. Dillingham Construction 899.648.908,80 TL
  4. Sigma İnş.-Emre Ray Energy-Fmk Ray İnş. 628.503.748,80 TL

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