Pro Tan: Your guide to bodybuilding and competitive tanning

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Interested in bodybuilding and want to best prepare your body for competition? An important aspect of it is the competition tan to bring out your hard-earned muscles at their best.

This is where Pro Tan comes into play. Let's dive deep into the world of Pro Tan!

Pro Tan: Your bodybuilding partner

Pro Tan is a well-known brand in the world of bodybuilding and competitive tanning. For over thirty years, it has been offering high-quality products for professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Get Buffed and Competitive Color Overnight

Pro Tan's product range is diverse and specially adapted to bodybuilders' needs. For example, “Get Buffed” is a skin prep gel that exfoliates your skin and prepares it for the next tan.

One of Pro Tan's flagship products is the “Competition Color Overnight”. This self-tanner will give you a deep, dark tan that will perfectly accentuate your muscles in the spotlight overnight.

Pro Tan Show Shine & Cover Up Tattoos

Pro Tan also offers products like “Show Shine,” an ultra-light body oil spray that gives your skin the perfect competitive glow. If you have tattoos that you want to cover during your competition, Pro Tan offers a "Tattoo Cover" cream to temporarily hide your tattoos.

Pro Tan in Germany

Wondering where to find Pro Tan products in Germany? At Pippinger, the official distributor of Pro Tan in Germany, you have come to the right place. Here you will find all Pro Tan products.

The right choice for bodybuilding and competition tanning

All in all, the Pro Tan is an excellent choice for anyone serious about getting ahead in bodybuilding. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Pro Tan has the products you need to succeed on stage.

However, please remember that a good tan alone is not enough. Bodybuilding also requires a strict diet, consistent training and adequate recovery time. So, get ready to work hard and let Pro Tan help you achieve your goals. Good luck on the road!

Of course, now you are wondering where to buy these excellent products. We have good news for you: ProTan products are available at wholesaler PowerBody. This wholesaler offers a wide range of Pro Tan products, ideal for both individual buyers and those who need larger quantities. Whether you're looking for 'Get Buffed', 'Overnight Competition Color' or 'Show Shine', PowerBody is your one-stop shop for all Pro Tan products. Take the first step towards a successful bodybuilding look with PowerBody and Pro Tan!

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