Water Level Reached Maximum Point in Sapanca Lake

Water Level Reached Maximum Point in Sapanca Lake
Water Level Reached Maximum Point in Sapanca Lake

Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce stated that the water level in Sapanca Lake has reached the limit of 32.20 meters, which is the maximum point, to 32.14 meters, and said, "We have taken all the necessary precautions, we are examining all the parameters so that the level does not decrease in Sapanca Lake, our drinking water source."

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce shared the pleasing data about the latest situation in Sapanca Lake. Yüce said that the maximum level was measured after a long time in Sapanca Lake, which rose rapidly with fertile rains, although it was at the points that were unsettling before the summer season.

The last measurement delights

He shared the information that the vertical height, which decreased to 2023 levels in March 31.36, was measured as 32.14 meters as of the previous day and that the maximum level of 32.20 meters, which was seen in previous years, was approached. Explaining that there has been a rise of 10 centimeters in 25 days in the last period, Yüce emphasized that they carefully monitor all parameters in order to transfer the most precious natural resource of the region, which meets the drinking water needs of Sakarya and Kocaeli, to the next generations in the healthiest way.

We are on watch day and night

Expressing that they shared an important message on June 5, World Environment Day, President Yüce said, “2 days ago, on June 5, World Environment Day, we collected many kinds of waste from the lake, and we collected wastes from its surroundings that really devastate the nature. We gave an important message in this program; If nature does not exist, we do not exist. At this point, we need to understand that Sapanca Lake has an invaluable value for our city, region and even Turkey. We are working day and night with our full staff to use illegal water, clean the lake and improve the water quality. The water we drink is one of the most mineral waters in Turkey.”

“We will protect, we will watch carefully”

Sharing information about the latest state of the Yüce lake, he said, “We have been making measurements for a while. There was a decrease especially in March 2023. Thankfully, in the measurements we made yesterday, we saw that the maximum level of 32.20 was near. It is currently measured as 32.14, but of course, it is not certain that it will continue its continuous uptrend. We will protect, watch, watch carefully and leave the rest to Allah's discretion. We hope that this heavenly water source will be transported to the future in its most beautiful form. 2We are examining all the parameters for the drinking water source of the two cities and for our lake, which is the apple of the eye of Turkey.”

Ph values ​​too high

On the other hand, at SASKİ Lake Facilities located on the shore of Sapanca Lake, analyzes are made about the latest water situation every day. Metropolitan engineers are working to purify and enrich the drinking water consumed by more than 1 million people and to reach homes in the most efficient way. In this way, Sakarya consumes drinking water with the highest Ph levels in terms of minerals in Turkey.

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