China: 'The Ocean Is Not Japan's Sewer'

China 'The Ocean Is Not Japan's Sewer'
China 'The Ocean Is Not Japan's Sewer'

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs SözcüSU Wang Wenbin stated that the Japanese government sees the discharge of Fukushima radioactive pollution into the ocean as the only option to dispose of radioactive wastewater, claiming it is harmless.

Radioactive elements in fish caught off the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant exceeded standards, according to a report published by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The radioactive element cesium content reached 18 thousand becquerels per kilogram, 180 times higher than the standard set by the Japanese Food Sanitation Law.

At the press conference held today, Wang Wenbin answered questions on the subject. Wang Wenbin asked if the radioactive wastewater was truly safe and harmless as Japan claimed, why didn't Japan discharge the water directly into inland lakes? Wang Wenbin stated that Japan's own expert committee argues that dumping into the ocean is the most economical and poses the least pollution risk for Japan, emphasizing that this approach is extremely selfish and irresponsible.

Wang Wenbin emphasized that the ocean is the world's public space, not Japan's "sewage." He also reminded that Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry suggested five different plans, and experts from neighboring countries suggested other disposal options, such as safer and more convenient long-term storage.

However, Wang Wenbin stated that the Japanese government decided to unilaterally discharge nuclear-polluted water into the ocean without proving other disposal options. He stated that this action would humiliate Japan, harm the peoples of neighboring countries and island countries in the Pacific, and that Japan would lose the trust of the international community.

📩 07/06/2023 16:18