Urgent Metro Needed for Ankara Esenboğa Airport

Urgent Metro Needed for Ankara Esenboğa Airport
Urgent Metro Needed for Ankara Esenboğa Airport

ASO President Seyit Ardıç attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the "Istanbul Airport Metro Line" localization industry chain held by the ASO Member CRRC-MNG company and gave a speech.

Ankara Chamber of Industry President Seyit Ardıç said, "We urgently need a metro line that will connect the airport to the center in our capital city, Ankara, which is rapidly growing in population and rapidly developing industry."

Stating that the level of development of the rail system industry is one of the most important infrastructure indicators of industrialization in the world, ASO President Seyit Ardıç said:

“Recently, rail systems have come to the fore again within the framework of combating global climate change and have become an indispensable mode of transportation. In the last two decades, rail transport in our country has revived with huge investments. The rail systems industry is among the priority sectors in our country. Increasing investments within this framework offer important opportunities for domestic companies to develop their technological opportunities and capabilities and for the development of the domestic rail systems industry. The domestic contribution requirement applied in this industry also contributes to the emergence of national brand rail system vehicles and subsystems, lower costs in vehicle supply, employment and foreign investors establishing investment partnerships with domestic manufacturers. Istanbul Airport metro investment has been an exemplary investment in which firsts and greats were realized”

Stating that Turkey and China are the leading emerging economies of the world among the G20 countries, Ardıç said, “Under the guidance of our President and Chinese President Zi Jinping, the economic cooperation of the two countries is constantly deepening. At a time when we have been fighting the epidemic in the last few years, regional conflicts have intensified, the global energy security crisis and high inflation pressures have increased, and global demand has been weak, the economic cooperation between our country and China has nevertheless grown and demonstrated its resilience.

Stating that as Ankara Chamber of Industry, they will continue to cooperate with China, Ardıç said, “We will produce together for the development of our country in the 100th anniversary of our 60th Chamber of the Republic. We urgently need a metro line that will connect the airport to the center in Ankara, our capital city with a rapidly growing population and rapidly developing industry. The realization of the Esenboğa Airport Metro Line in the new executive period will please us, the people of Ankara and the industrialists of Ankara. In addition, in order to increase the export potential of Ankara, the establishment and development of the railway network at the point of transportation to the ports is of great importance.

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