Attention to Factors Harmful to Eye Health!

Attention to Factors Harmful to Eye Health!
Attention to Factors Harmful to Eye Health!

The eyes are one of the most important organs of the body. It is important for the eyes to be healthy for the quality of life. However, there are some factors that negatively affect the eye health. So what are they? Ophthalmology Specialist Prof. Dr. Elif Betül Türkoğlu Şen gave information about the subject.

Cigarette Consumption

Cigarette consumption causes damage to capillaries in and around the eye and retina. Damaged capillaries can also cause regression in vision after a while. It can also cause dry eye, vascular occlusion in the eye and cataract formation. Therefore, smoking should be avoided.

Not enought feeding

Proper and balanced nutrition is also important for eye health. In particular, foods with vitamins A, E and C (such as almonds, spinach, tomatoes, kiwi, potatoes, strawberries, hazelnuts, lemons…) are beneficial for eye health. It is also good for the eyes to consume oily fish.

Use of Glasses Without Control

Using sunglasses or especially prescription glasses without a specialist doctor's control is a negative situation in terms of eye health. For this reason, glasses should be taken after the doctor's control.

Not Paying Attention to Hygiene

Attention should be paid to eye hygiene as well as body and hand hygiene. Lenses belonging to someone else should not be used, and make-up materials used by someone else should be avoided. Monthly lens wearers should change their lens case solutions every day, renew their lenses once a month, and never sleep with contact lenses against eye infections.

Looking at the Screen for a Long Time

Spending time in front of the screen every day without taking a break and staring at the screens for a long time without a break; It can cause headache, eye fatigue, blurred vision, dry eye, itchy eye problems. In order to prevent these problems, short breaks should be taken by leaving the screen. Also, artificial tears recommended by the doctors can be used for the person.

Disrupting Eye Checks

Regular and routine eye checks are of great importance for eye health. Thanks to these eye checks, eye problems such as eye cancers, cataracts, lazy eye, macular degeneration, dry eye, eye pressure, retinal damage caused by diabetes are detected early.

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