Alarko Holding, in Collaboration with TED, Education Scholarship for Earthquake Victims

Alarko Holding Education Scholarship for Earthquake Victims in Collaboration with TED
Alarko Holding, in Collaboration with TED, Education Scholarship for Earthquake Victims

Alarko Holding, which has supported the Turkish Education Association's “Don't Let the Earthquake Destroy Our Future” campaign with a donation of 10 million TL, will meet the 100-year education scholarship of approximately 8 earthquake-affected students.

Within the scope of the protocol signed between Alarko Holding and the Turkish Education Association, Alarko Holding provides 10 million TL of support to the “Don't Let the Earthquake Destroy Our Future” campaign. With this long-term campaign, it is aimed that children who lost their parents in the earthquake can have hope for the future. It includes providing psychological, academic and social support to students as well as educational scholarships. The Holding's 10 million TL contribution within the scope of the “Hope is Soaring with Alarko” approach will support 100 students for 8 years.

Ümit Nuri Yıldız, CEO of Alarko Holding, stated that they considered supporting the campaign as a duty and said:

“It will take time for our citizens in the region to return to their normal lives again, to heal the destruction and wounds caused by the great earthquake disaster. We believe that all institutions and organizations should contribute to this process and we see this as our duty. In this approach, as Alarko Holding, we provide support to the TED project in addition to the aid and support we provided right after the earthquake. We attach great importance to creating an opportunity for children for their future and to support them in the long term.”

Selçuk Pehlivanoğlu, President of the Turkish Education Association, stated that the aid they provided to the region from the first day of the great earthquake disaster continued without slowing down and said:

We know from our previous experience that the real difficulty begins after forty. That's why it's our duty to hold the idle hands of our children, especially those who lost their parents in the earthquake. We started our campaign “Don't Let the Earthquake Destroy Our Future” for them. As one of Turkey's most established non-governmental organizations, whose business is youth and their quality education, we consider it a responsibility and duty to be with our children throughout their education life. Working together for our children is very valuable. We would like to thank Alarko Holding for its valuable contributions.”

Alarko Holding has been providing scholarship and educational support to high school and university students for many years through the Alarko Education-Culture Foundation, which was established in 1986. In addition, it continues its cooperation and volunteer work with various NGOs on women's employment, children's and women's education and works to add more added value to the society.

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