3rd Term Garaova Youth and Agriculture Camp Opened

Term Garaova Youth and Agriculture Camp Opened
3rd Term Garaova Youth and Agriculture Camp Opened

Organized by Bodrum Municipality's Agricultural Services Directorate, the 3rd Term Garaova Youth and Agriculture Camp opened its doors to its guests.

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, Vice President Tayfun Yılmaz, Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture Mehmet Melengeç, Bodrum Agricultural Development Cooperative (TARKO) President Cesur Öncel, council members, unit managers, neighborhood headmen, students participating in the camp, members of the press and citizens.

In the event that started with the opening speeches, one of the camp participants, Ege University student Nisa Ortaç, stated that she met an organization that exceeded her expectations when she came here, and thanked everyone who organized the camp. Koç stated that Bodrum Agriculture Camp is a hope for the future of agriculture in Turkey.

Bodrum Deputy Mayor Tayfun Yılmaz stated that they established the Directorate of Agricultural Services 4 years ago, and stated that it gives me pleasure to see that such a path has been made 4 years later. He said that they aim to host around 500 guests from all over Turkey and the world.

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras stated that it is people who make the place they live in both heaven and hell, and said that they are working to make the world and Bodrum a much more beautiful place. Referring to the importance of Karaova's local values, Mayor Aras said, “We are working for the development of Karaova with its local values. Human culture comes from the soil. We will continue to work for the continuity and development of Karaova and other regions engaged in agriculture.” said.

In the event, which was held with drums and zurnas, which are indispensable for Bodrum local weddings, a folk dance performance was also performed after the speeches. Mayor Aras, headmen, employees of the directorate and camp participants accompanied the team by playing folk dances at the shows where the regional dances were exhibited. Following the lighting of the first campfire, symbolic of 2023, Bodrum-specific dishes were served to the participants in the Yörük Tent.

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