27 New Buses Started Service in Van

New Bus Started Service in Van
27 New Buses Started Service in Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality introduced 27 new buses that it bought with its own resources to the press. Buses will operate on busy lines in the city.

Adding value to the city with its citizen-oriented services, the Metropolitan Municipality has purchased 27 new buses to prevent the densities experienced in public transportation. The buses, which cost approximately 73 million TL and are fully compatible with the disabled, will serve at the points needed in the city.

Van Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Ozan Balcı, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Fatih Çelikel, heads of departments and municipal employees attended the ceremony held at the Machine Supply Campus of Van Metropolitan Municipality. Governor Ozan Balcı, who visited the buses in the ceremony area one by one, talked to the drivers. sohbet He wished you safe and trouble-free driving.

Making a statement to the journalists later, Van Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Ozan Balcı stated that all of the new vehicles were purchased with the municipality's own resources and said, “Today, we have performed another good service to our Van. We have brought 27 new buses to our Van Metropolitan Municipality. We have put 27 of our buses into the service of our citizens in order to overcome the difficulties in transportation and make their lives easier. We spent approximately 73 million TL on these vehicles. Hopefully, in the next period, we will provide transportation services to our citizens of Van in a more convenient and comfortable way. I wish our drivers safe, trouble-free and safe journeys. I wish our buses to be beneficial and auspicious to our Van and fellow citizens of Van. I hope our fellow citizens of Van will have a more comfortable and pleasant journey. Good luck to our country. We bought all the vehicles with the municipality's own resources. We spent approximately 73 million TL, but it was a good service. Because transportation is an important service, and the municipality has wide areas. Hopefully, these services will continue to increase.” Said.

After the ceremony, Governor Ozan Balcı, who also took a souvenir photo with the personnel working in the Machinery Supply campus, left here.

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