20 Thousand Queens Fly To Their Homes

A Thousand Queens Fly To Their Homes
20 Thousand Queens Fly To Their Homes

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, which has the first and only queen bee production permit in Turkey by establishing the Queen Bee and Bee Products Production Facilities, which set an example for Turkey, has distributed more than 20 thousand queen bees (queen bees) to this day.

As promised, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yücel Yılmaz continues to support producers in many different fields, from breeding animal support to seeds, from bees to greenhouse nylon. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department, which has attracted attention with its efforts to develop and popularize beekeeping in Balıkesir in recent years; It distributed 2021 thousand queen bees in 5 and 2022 thousand in 9. With 6 thousand queen bees distributed this year, the total number exceeded 20 thousand. While production will continue at the facility until the end of the year, distribution will also continue.


Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality, which was deemed worthy of the Jury's Special Award in the Healthy Environment Category by the Healthy Cities Association with its “Health Flowing Honeycombs” project, in addition to distribution of queen bees to producers in order to further expand beekeeping in Balıkesir; It continues its support by distribution of beehives, distribution of bee feed and production of cheap fondant candy.

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