Typhoon Missile Launched from Rize-Artvin Airport for the 2nd Time

Typhoon Missile Launched Once From Rize Artvin Airport
Typhoon Missile Launched from Rize-Artvin Airport for the 2nd Time

A new test launch of TAYFUN, ROKETSAN's new short-range ballistic missile class missile, was carried out. In the shared video, the TAYFUN missile is seen more clearly compared to the previous one, while the length of the missile's canister is longer than that of the BORA missile. The TAYFUN missile was seen on an 8×8 carrier platform called “BOZAT” in its previous test.

In the first test of TAYFUN, BMC 525-44 8×8 vehicles were used and it was stated that a range of 561 km was reached. Considering the wide firing angle (more than 45 degrees) in the first test, it can be evaluated that the maximum range of the TYPON is above the specified value.

ROKETSAN's CENK Ballistic Missile unveiled

The images of the CENK ballistic missile, announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, were displayed for the first time by the President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. It was shared by İsmail Demir on May 12, 2023.

It is noteworthy that CENK is larger than BORA and TAYFUN and has fins at the front. As the carrier platform, the trailer pulled by the BMC 8×8 TUĞRA tank carrier is used. Considering the weight of CENK and the carrying capacity of TUĞRA, it is seen that the current possibilities for the carrier platform are being evaluated.

In the "Century of the Future" held at TAI's campus in Ankara Kahramankazan, President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made joint statements to Defense Turk and SavunmaTR. Making statements about the latest status of the TAYFUN and CENK Missiles, Demir used the following statements:

“The projects are progressing according to the schedule. CENK or our other projects have plans for this year. They'll kick in when they're ready. We're speeding it up as much as we can. You will hear the news soon. In other words, you will receive news from both CENK and TAYFUN this year.”

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