Presidency of Health Institutes of Türkiye to Recruit 61 Workers

Presidency of Turkish Health Institutes
Presidency of Turkish Health Institutes

Article 4 of the Presidential Decree on the Organization of Ministries, Related, Related Institutions and Organizations and Other Institutions and Organizations No. 673 to be employed in the units affiliated to the Presidency of Turkish Health Institutes and Turkey, which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 16/11/2022 and numbered 32015. Pursuant to the Human Resources Regulation of the Presidency of Health Institutes, 61 (sixty-one) R&D Specialists will be recruited.

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1. To be a Turkish citizen,

2. Not being deprived of public rights,

3. Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and its functioning, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, fraud, abuse of trust, fraudulent not to be convicted of the crimes of bankruptcy, rigging the tender, rigging the performance of the act, laundering of the assets arising from the crime or smuggling.

4. In terms of military service;

  • a) Not to be related to military service,
  • b) Not to have reached the age of military service,
  • c) If the military service has come to the age of active duty or postponed or replacement class to be passed,

5. Not having mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously.

6. Turkish citizenship is not required for foreign national R&D Specialists, and if the working period exceeds one year, a work permit is required.

7. Not having received any retirement, old age or invalidity pension from any social security institution.

8. In accordance with the relevant disciplinary legislation of public institutions and organizations, applications of those who have been expelled from their posts or professions will not be accepted.

9. The result of the security investigation and/or archive research is positive.

TUSEB-2023-02-36 R&D Specialist 1 1. To have at least a Master's degree with a thesis from the field of Industrial Engineering. 2. To have at least 70 (seventy) English language points from YDS or to have and certify another document whose equivalence is accepted by OSYM in terms of language proficiency. (Higher Education Institutions Foreign Language (YÖKDİL) exam results will not be accepted.) 3. To have at least three years of public and/or private sector working experience and to certify this. (Experience information, barcoded SSI Registration and Service List/Workplace Title List will be submitted.) (Experience will not be required for doctorate graduates.) 4. The candidate to be employed within the scope of this position will be employed in Istanbul.

Applications will be made between 04.05.2023-19.05.2023 in person to the address below, by hand, by post or courier to the address below. Applications sent electronically will not be accepted. Applications with missing information or documents will not be evaluated and these individuals will not be invited to the oral exam. Candidates who submit their documents incompletely and/or submit false documents will not be allowed to take the oral exam and will not be able to claim any rights. Our Agency will not be responsible for any problems that may arise from documents sent by mail or courier.

The application must be made by selecting the Reference Code. Applications not submitted to the Reference Code will not be evaluated and these individuals will not be invited to the oral exam. Candidates can apply for at most one position from the positions specified in the advertisement. All applications of candidates applying for more than one position will be deemed invalid.

Application address: Koşuyolu Mahallesi, Koşuyolu Caddesi No: 71 Kadıköy / ISTANBUL

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