Public Education Courses are Transferred to Digital Media with 'HEMBA'

Public Education Courses are Transferred to Digital Media with 'HEMBA'
Public Education Courses are Transferred to Digital Media with 'HEMBA'

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that the contents of the Public Education Centers Informatics Network (HEMBA) digital platform will be constantly enriched and will be a “unique” platform that will serve the citizens of the Republic of Turkey all over the world. Minister Özer attended the Public Education Centers Information Network: “HEMBA” introductory meeting held at the Mogan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Application Hotel.

Stating that OECD countries focus on digital education platforms in order to make their education systems resistant to extraordinary conditions such as Kovid-19, Özer stated that the Ministry of National Education also actively uses the Education Information Network (EBA) during the Kovid-19 process.

Reminding that EBA was the only one to produce digital content when he took office, Özer said, “First of all, we started with our teachers, who are our most valuable assets. We created the Teacher Informatics Network (PBA) to support our teachers' remote professional initiatives.” he said. Özer stated that the training time per teacher was 2021 hours in 44, and they increased the training time per teacher to 2022 hours by the end of 250. Drawing attention to the impact of ÖBA on the education process, Özer said, “How much professional development training our teachers are supported, who will benefit from it? We will have schools and students. The quality of education will increase.” said.

“We are opening the Turkish Digital Education Platform to access”

Minister Özer, referring to the “Dialect” English Digital Education Platform that has been put into use recently, said, “In the coming days, it will really be the most important supporting mechanism for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey to learn a language. It is freely accessible. The Turkish Digital Education Platform has also been prepared, hopefully we will open it to access as of Monday. Therefore, we strengthened our education system with five additional digital platforms from Birken.” he spoke.

Emphasizing that the Ministry of National Education does not only address the education age population, but also offers all kinds of education mechanisms for the development of all citizens, Özer said: “In 2021, we had the capacity of a Public Education Center serving approximately 3-4 million citizens and there was a serious gap there. Because if you look at the history of Public Education Centers, you will see that women benefit most, 60-70 percent. Unless we support women, we cannot build a healthy society unless we support women's access to education and development. That's why we set a new target for Public Education Centers. We pushed our capacity to reach 2022 million citizens per month in 1. While we aim to reach 2022 million citizens by the end of 12, we have reached 13,5 million citizens.”

Stating that the contents on the HEMBA platform can also be accessed via e-Government, Özer stated that not only citizens within the borders of Turkey but also citizens of the Republic of Turkey living abroad can benefit from this. Özer said, “Hopefully, this digital platform will be a unique platform that will serve our citizens and brothers all over the world by constantly enriching its contents. I wish this platform good luck.” said.

Overseas Education Support System was created

The contents of the courses and seminars on the HEMBA platform, where non-formal education content is transferred to an electronic environment with a digital platform, were prepared by the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning. Thanks to the platform, more citizens will be able to benefit from face-to-face trainings at the Public Education Centers, where approximately 12 million people benefit annually. In the platform where the digital content of 100 courses and seminars was prepared in the first place, it is aimed that this number will increase over time.

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