New Technologies in the Cargo Industry Introduced at PPSE

New Technologies in the Cargo Industry Introduced at PPSE
New Technologies in the Cargo Industry Introduced at PPSE

The postal and cargo industry is on the verge of a new era… Innovative projects and products that will reveal the industry's new vision in the field of digital transformation and autonomous technologies will be introduced in World War II. It was introduced at the Cargo, Courier, Logistics Summit and Fair.

Innovative technologies that will carry the cargo and postal industry to the future, II. It was showcased at the Cargo, Courier, Logistics Summit and Fair (Post & Parcel II. Summit & I. Expo – PPSE).

PPSE, which was implemented under the leadership of the Turkish Cargo, Courier and Logistics Operators Association (KARID) with the support of the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK), took place on May 4-5, 2023 at the Pullman Istanbul Congress Center.

Carries your packages with zero carbon emissions

PILOTCAR, which produces Turkey's first electric utility vehicles, launched the P-1000 mini model, which it produces for the cargo and logistics industry, at PPSE. The P-1000 mini, with its high-performance, environmentally friendly engine, large loading volume for its class and compact structure, offers a superior performance in urban areas where fossil fuel vehicles cannot enter. The P-90, which has reached a domestic rate of 1000 percent thanks to its R&D studies, is produced entirely in PILOTCAR's own facilities with 100 percent domestic capital. Designed as a single person, the vehicle can easily enter narrow streets and can travel 100-110 km with its battery. For this reason, it offers ease of use and price advantage for cargo, courier companies, patisseries, florists, local markets and SMEs. PILOTCAR, which offers long range advantage compared to its class and helps companies with fleet usage to reduce operating costs, is taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand.

Smart cargo lockers that produce their own energy are coming

Turkey's first smart cargo locker manufacturer, KargoPark, introduced its solar-powered, zero-carbon emission cargo locker for the first time at PPSE. This cabinet, which has a pin-pad and mini screen, generates its own energy with its solar panel and can be installed even at points where there is no electrical connection. On days when solar energy is not enough, the rechargeable battery comes into play. All day long, the solar panel both meets the electricity needs of the cabinet and charges the battery. CargoPark Eco, the only cargo cabinet in Turkey with these features, can be designed in different sizes to meet the needs of the industry.

7/24 cargo delivery possible

KargoPark also introduced the DropBox model in PPSE. DropBox cabinets, which allow users to make e-commerce returns and small sellers to deliver their cargo 7/24, were designed in line with the demands of the market. Cabinets with QR reader and Pinhole camera system can be designed in the desired number of compartments and sizes. DropBox, which facilitates the workload of cargo companies, also offers users the opportunity to manage time.

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