Mersin Takes Measures Against Drought Using Technology

Mersin Takes Measures Against Drought Using Technology
Mersin Takes Measures Against Drought Using Technology

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mersin Water and Sewerage Administration (MESKI) General Directorate once again drew attention to the vital importance of water and water saving after Mersin passed into the 'very severe drought' category, according to the map information announced by the General Directorate of Meteorology.

Under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer, MESKI continues its efforts to protect even a drop of water, and continues to take serious measures against drought. With the drought increasing its effect all over Turkey, the importance of every drop of drinking water gains a more vital meaning as time passes. In addition to drought, Mersin, which is one of the cities that receive heavy migration from disaster areas, states that water use has increased significantly, and emphasizes that there may be water shortages in the coming days.

MESKI takes measures against drought by using technology

MESKI continues to take the necessary measures against drought with its high-tech SCADA (Data-Based Control and Monitoring System), which prevents loss and leakage and monitors the entire water cycle. With the '360° Water Management', drinking water networks, waste water indicators, drinking water and pressure value controls are made instantly at the SCADA Center, and a total of 799 facilities are monitored 7/24. As a result of the data that is followed, loss-leakage and water malfunctions are detected and intervened immediately. Thus, while ensuring the continuity of uninterrupted water supply, water losses are prevented. In 33 DMAs (Regional Measurement Areas) built to combat loss and leakage and prevent unnecessary water use, drinking water flow rates are controlled and unnecessary wasted water is prevented. This saves a lot of water.

MESKI encourages students to adopt nature and saving consciousness

MESKI General Directorate, which has reached approximately 45 thousand people in terms of water saving, continues to draw attention to drought and the importance of water saving in the water saving trainings it organizes for kindergarten and primary and secondary school students. With the trainings of MESKI, which continues to work with great devotion to protect Mersin's drinking water, the necessity of using water sparingly is emphasized to the students. Thanks to the trainings held in all districts from Anamur to Çamlıyayla, it is aimed to create awareness of saving among students at a young age.

Korkmaz; “The conscious and economical use of water is extremely important”

Pointing out that the drought that affected the whole world is also felt very severely in Mersin, and stating that the importance of drinking water is increasing day by day with the 'very severe drought' experienced in the city, MESKI General Manager İrfan Korkmaz said, “Since our country's water resources can be depleted, this Conscious and efficient use of resources is extremely important. In our General Directorate, we can use the latest technology to take the water from its source and follow it to the last point. With SCADA, we prevent loss-leakage and water failures, so we protect our waters.” Adding that they contribute to the awareness of saving by first reaching students and then their families with the trainings held in all districts, Korkmaz said, “A more livable world can be left to future generations by protecting water resources with the savings practices that our citizens will make in their daily lives. Saving practices to be made throughout the society can reduce the amount of water drawn from the source and save time to conserve existing water.

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