The Foundation of Karahisar Castle Cable Car Project Was Laid

The Foundation of Karahisar Castle Cable Car Project Was Laid
The Foundation of Karahisar Castle Cable Car Project Was Laid

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the cable car project, where Afyonkarahisar's dream came true. In the project, which will be completed in a short time, cable car cabins were also exhibited.

Mayor Mehmet Zeybek struck the Cable Car Project, which has become an urban legend and has been the subject of debate for years. The groundbreaking ceremony of the investment, in which the transportation to the historical Karahisar Castle will be made with the cable car system, was held after the intense labor and efforts in the process that continued with the site delivery after the tender. The ceremony hosted by Zeybek President; Our Governor, Assoc. Dr. Kübra Güran Yiğitbaşı, our deputies Mehmet Taytak, İbrahim Yurdunuseven, Ali Özkaya, Veysel Eroğlu, Company Representative Kenan Kıran, parliamentary candidates, members of the press and our citizens attended.


President Mehmet Zeybek explained the process in his speech at the ceremony; “It was a dream, it was said that it could be done. At a time when the world's economic crisis was at its peak, investors did not hesitate to invest because our country had a stable government. One of them was our brother Kenan Kıran. God bless him. We delivered the site in June 2022 and signed the agreement. It was an investment of 100 million in the process we made the tender. Now it's an investment of 350-400 million. It is a project that will add value to Afyonkarahisar and ensure the development of this region. Our citizens are pleased that we have crowned the region, which we have brought to tourism with street rehabilitation, with a cable car. All of our mukhtars are here, thank you individually. We fulfilled their wishes. We have labor in all of our 58 neighborhoods. We will continue to serve, we are their servants. We will continue to beautify this city. Keep following us. While making these investments, our self-confidence comes primarily from our President and then from our deputies. They are always with us. They did not spare their support from us, thank you. Good luck to our Afyonkarahisar," he said.


When the cable car project that will reach Karahisar Castle from Erdal Akar Park is completed, citizens will travel between the two stations over the historical mansions against the unique view of the city. With this project, which sheds light on the future of Afyonkarahisar, the difficulties experienced in reaching the castle, the tiring and dangerous journey that takes about an hour will be eliminated. At the same time, tourism companies will be able to organize excursion programs to Afyonkarahisar castle. Thanks to the cable car facility under construction, more guests will reach the castle safely and with a different experience, and will spend more productive time in the facilities located on the castle. The ropeway, consisting of 8 cabins for 4 people, with a line length of 585 meters, will carry passengers to a height of 138 meters. In the project, which will include social facilities, sports fields and shopping points at the lower and upper stations; There are walking paths, social facilities, viewing terraces, glass terrace and cafeteria.

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