Work to Relieve Novices Traffic: 'Sogukkuyu Bridge is Expanding'

Work to Relieve Novices Traffic 'Sogukkuyu Bridge is Expanding'
Work to Relieve Novices Traffic 'Sogukkuyu Bridge is Expanding'

The Sogukkuyu Bridge expansion work, which was initiated by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to ease the traffic of the Persians, has accelerated. Beam assembly continues rapidly on the new bridge built next to the existing bridge. When the new bridge is completed, the transition to Yunuseli and Hürriyet regions will be easier.

The works of the Metropolitan Municipality to reduce the traffic density in Acemler, which is one of the key points of Bursa traffic, continue without slowing down. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many projects in the region, such as lane expansion on the junction branches, Oulu tube crossing, Hayran Street widening, Sedat 3 bridge, transfer center, Mudanya Junction connection branches, is now adding another bridge to the region. Work has accelerated on the new bridge built in addition to the Soğukkuyu Bridge over the Nilüfer Stream. The bridge, designed to ease the crossing of Mudanya and Soğukkuyu, consists of 14 legs and 70 spans, 6 meters wide and 5 meters long. With the completion of the bridge, in which 65 beams, 220 meters of bored piles, 850 cubic meters of concrete and 750 tons of iron are used, the Mudanya and Soğukkuyu turns will be made from here, and the density that occurs especially during peak hours will be eliminated.

Relief will be felt

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they are working hard for radical solutions to the transportation problem, which is one of the most important issues in Bursa. Reminding that transportation is an important topic not only for Bursa but also for all developing metropolises, Mayor Aktaş said, “We are trying to make transportation a problem by building rail systems, new roads, bridges and intersections within this framework. At this point, we have made investments in excess of 5 million liras, including expropriation costs, at 750 different points in order to relieve the Novices, which is the nodal point of the traffic for the city. Our work continues on the bridge we designed to ease the Mudanya and Soğukkuyu crossing. We have three interconnected bridges to Fuat Kuşçuoğlu Street in Yunuseli. We expect to complete it by the end of June. When these works are completed, our compatriots will feel that the hesitation at this crossing point has disappeared and that there is serious relief. This relief is already beginning to be felt. Even though we have caused some disturbance to the environment, we will also have created an environment where we will experience comfort and pleasure for many years.”

Günceleme: 21/05/2023 11:04

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