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Ondokuz Mayıs University
Ondokuz Mayıs University

In order to be employed in the units affiliated to the Rectorate of Ondokuz Mayıs University, in accordance with the paragraph (B) of the 657th article of the Civil Servants Law No. 4, and their expenses will be met from the special budget; In accordance with the "Principles on Employing Contracted Personnel", 2022 KPSS (B) group KPSSP3 score for undergraduate graduates (excluding Pharmacist staff), 2022 KPSS (B) group KPSSP93 score for associate degree graduates, 2022 KPSS (B) group KPSSP94 score for secondary education graduates. Contracted personnel will be recruited in the following titles. There will be no oral exam.

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1. To meet the conditions specified in article 657/A of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

2. Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 53, not to have a mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously.

3. For male candidates, having completed their military service, being exempt or postponed.

4. Not to have any health problems that prevent him from doing his duty continuously.

5. Not being dismissed from public service by decree.

6. To graduate from the education level opposite to the position to be preferred, to carry and certify the required qualifications as of the last day of the application.

7. Not receiving a pension or old-age pension from any Social Security Institution.

8. Paragraph (B) of Article 657 of the Law on Civil Servants No. 4 states that “In case of the termination of their contracts by their institutions due to the violation of the principles of the service contract, or if they unilaterally terminate the contract within the contract period, except for the exceptions determined by the President's decision, they do not renew the contract from the date of termination. They cannot be employed in the contracted personnel positions of the institutions unless one year has passed from the end of the contract.” to have qualifications in accordance with the provision.

9. Not to be in the situation of working in a Dangerous/Low-hazardous and very dangerous workplace defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and related legislation according to the unit to be employed.

10. The personnel to be employed in all hospitals of our university (due to the necessity of providing 7/24 uninterrupted service, primarily the emergency, operating room, intensive care, radioactive and radio-ionizing units of the hospitals) with a shift-style working plan or working in the night shift. Not having a disability in terms of social or familial status.

11. To be positive as a result of the archival research to be conducted on the candidates who are entitled to make a contract in accordance with the “Security Investigation and Archive Research Law” published in the Official Gazette dated 17.04.2021 and numbered 31457. (It will be done after the determination of the main and substitute candidates.)

12. In addition to the general requirements for Protection and Security Officer positions;*

a. To meet the conditions set forth in Article 5188 of the Law on Private Security Services No. 10,

b. Not to have any disease that may prevent him from performing his duty of protection and security services in open and closed areas,

c. Not to have an obstacle to working in closed and open areas in shifts on a 7/24 basis,

d. Not to be shorter than 170 cm in men and 160 cm in women,

D. The difference between the last two digits of the height in centimeters and the weight should not be more than 10 and not less than 15. (For example, the weight of a male candidate who is 170 cm tall should not be more than 70+10=80, and not less than 70-15=55.)(For example, the weight of a female candidate who is 160 cm tall should be 60+10=70. It should not be more than 60-15=45.)

13. It is obligatory to have a diploma score in the diploma or temporary graduation documents (approved copy as the original or QR-coded e-Government printout and transcript) submitted by the candidates applying for the title of pharmacist. Otherwise, the application will not be considered. KPSS score requirement is not required from the candidates who will apply for the pharmacist position, in accordance with the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Personnel. In the event that the number of candidates is more than the number of staff positions, the ranking will be made starting from the one with the highest graduation grade for this position. If the graduation grade is equal, priority will be given to the one with the previous graduation date. In this case, if it is the same, priority will be given to the candidate with the first date of birth.

14. Age requirement is sought for candidates who have not completed the age of 30 (thirty-five) as of 05/2023/35 as of the application deadline. (Those born on 30/05/1988 and later can apply.)

15. Candidates to be employed in the position of Protection and Security Officer will be required to not have completed the age of 30 (thirty) as of the deadline of 05/2023/30. (Those born on 30/05/1993 and later can apply.)


1. Applications will be received through the e-Government Gateway through the "Ondokuz Mayıs University - Career Gateway Public Recruitment" service or "Career Gateway" via the website alimkariyerkapisi.cbiko.gov.tr ​​between 16/05/2023-30/05/2023.
2. Applications made in person will not be accepted and applications made by mail or other means will not be accepted.

3. Candidates will be able to apply for only one of the announced positions. Applications of candidates applying for more than one position will be deemed invalid.

4. Since the information about the candidates' KPSS score, graduation, criminal record, military service and identity will be obtained through the web services of the relevant institutions via e-Government, these documents will not be requested from the candidates at the application stage. If there is an error in the said information of the candidates, they must make the necessary updates/corrections from the relevant institutions before applying.

5. The documents to be submitted by the original winners will be announced on the University website.

6. Candidates applying for Protection and Security Officer positions; Please submit your private security guard ID cards and the current dated document they will receive from an official health institution showing the height/weight status specified in Article 12 (ç) and (d) of Article XNUMX of the General Conditions Section in pdf or jpg in the relevant field in the documents section under the "Other Documents" tab. format must be uploaded. (The height and weight measurement of the main and substitute candidates who are entitled to be placed in the Protection and Security Officer position will be done separately by our institution.)

7. Candidates whose graduation information does not come automatically, must enter the application updated information manually and upload the approved diploma sample or graduation documents in pdf format via e-Government.

8. Candidates who have graduated from education institutions abroad or in Turkey and have equivalence regarding the educational status sought in this announcement, must upload the relevant document to the "Equivalence Certificate" field under the "Your Other Documents" stage during their application to the Career Gate.

9. Any application that does not show "Your transaction has been successfully completed..." on the Career Gate-Public Recruitment Platform will not be considered. Therefore, candidates should check whether the application process has been completed.

10. The applicants are responsible for making the application process error-free, complete and in accordance with the issues stated in this announcement, and uploading the requested documents to the system during the application process. Candidates who do not comply with these issues will not be able to claim any rights. Candidates are responsible for inaccuracies and missing documents in the uploaded documents.

11. Candidates are responsible for their declarations and application documents.

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