General Directorate of Highways 3000 Recruitment How to Apply, What are the Conditions?

general Directorate of Highways
general Directorate of Highways

To be employed in the workplaces of the central and provincial organizations of the General Directorate of Highways, with a permanent employment contract of indefinite duration; A total of 3000 workers will be recruited.

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Turkey's Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate our request will be announced on 02 and will remain in the open Job ad for 05 days.

Candidates who meet the conditions of the announcement; Within 5 days from the date of publication of the advertisement, you can apply via the "Job Seeker" link on the internet address ​​by logging in with your TR ID number and password. In addition, applications can be made from the service points and the Alo 170 line. When the application deadline coincides with the holiday, the applications are extended until the end of the working day on the first following business day.

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