Yılmaz Morgül Cryed on Live Broadcast

Yilmaz Morgul Cryed Live
Yılmaz Morgül Cryed on Live Broadcast

Fatma Morgül, the mother of Yılmaz Morgül, who had been in intensive care for a long time, passed away on New Year's Eve. Yılmaz Morgül could not hold back his tears while describing the moment he received the news of his death in the live broadcast he attended.

Master artist Yılmaz Morgül, who had a hard time with the death of his mother, was the guest of the 8nd Page program broadcast on TV2 screens. Talking about the difficult process she went through, Morgül could not control her tears while talking.

Talking about the pain of death, the artist said, “I'm on a Motherless Women's Day. I cried for 24 hours because I did not have my mother in Berat Kandili. I lost my father, I lost my sister in an accident when I was 40 years old.”

“Then I lost my 19-year-old nephew. I was very sad, I suffered, but I did not experience pain like my mother's pain. I get help from a psychologist. I was treated in the hospital for 28 days. It is very painful… I was sensitive about the mother.”

“I brought my mother, who was wrapped in a shroud, into the grave and since the day I left her there, I am not the old Yilmaz. I'm trying to be strong, but I think I'm crazy."

“Sometimes laughing and sometimes crying fits come. I say to myself, how can you leave your mother there and sleep at home? God bless everyone's parents. I am a person who has taken the halal of my family.”

Who is Yilmaz Morgul?

İbrahim Yılmaz Morgül (Born on January 14, 1964, Beykoz), Turkish singer. He is originally from Çayeli. His father is İbrahim Morgül and his mother is Fatma Morgül. Yılmaz Morgül, who took music lessons from Feriha Tunceli and Sözer Yasmut and started performing in Adana in 1988, released his first album, "Elveda Istanbul", in 1995. "Goodbye Istanbul", "Girl Who Are You?" and "Bahçevan", also performed by Zeki Müren.

Morgül was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1996. He regained his health after being treated in America for 7 years. He was given special permission to shave his beard due to his illness in the competition program named Survivor, which he participated in 2016.

The real age of Yılmaz Morgül, who said that he was born in 1982 in the television programs he participated in, has been on the agenda for a long time. His colleague, Turkish classical music artist Onur Akay, shared photos taken 20 years ago on social media, putting an end to the controversy and it turned out that Morgül was born in 1964.

He took part in the Celebrities team in the Survivor competition published in 2016. He also became a jury in the competition called Rising Star Turkey, which was published in the same year.

Yılmaz Morgül was the name that presented the Bride's in the Kitchen competition, which was broadcast on Kanal d screens on December 6, 2021, for a week. It was presented by Yılmaz Morgül between 6 December and 10 December.

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