TCDD 2023 Nursery Fees

TCDD Year Nursery Fees
TCDD 2023 Nursery Fees

The Republic of Turkey State Railways announced the nursery fees for 2023. In the section titled Nursery and Child Nursing Home Fees of the "Communiqué on Public Social Facilities" published in the Official Gazette dated 06 January 2023 and numbered 32065 of the Ministry of Finance, in case the minimum monthly wages determined by the Communiqué are not sufficient, institutions and organizations are authorized to determine the price above the determined wage. specified. In the 18th article of the section titled Common Issues, “The possibilities of leasing the facilities in whole or in part are searched and the application is given weight in this direction. If needed, meals, tea and other services can be provided by purchasing services. and in Article 20, it is stipulated that “all kinds of expenses of kindergartens and day care centers shall be met from their own incomes”.

The applicable wages are the "increases in the wages of the personnel who will work in the nurseries until the end of the year and in the nursery general expenses (supply fee, cleaning material expenses, general maintenance and repair expenses, electricity, heating, water, etc.) for 12 months, the minimum wages of the employees by purchasing services in July." Taking into account the probable increases in the number of children receiving services in kindergartens during the summer holiday period (June-July-August)".
Considering the operating income-expenditure status of Nursery and Day Care Centers and in line with the provisions of the "Communiqué on Public Social Facilities", effective from 01 March 2023,

a) It is applied to the children of our Enterprise and other Public Institutions and Organizations personnel, retirees and their spouses and descendants (grandchildren, great-grandchildren), spouses, parents and children of martyrs, veterans, war and duty disabled people and their spouses, mothers, fathers and children, Monthly care fee for each child is 3.750,00 TL (including VAT),

b) 50 TL (including VAT), which is 5.625,00% more than the tariff determined for the personnel of our Enterprise, to the children of those who are excluded from paragraph (a).

c) In the event that the same person has more than one child at the Day Care Center, a discount of% 20 for more than one child will be applied.

d) One month's fee is collected in advance for the student whose final registration is made to the Nursery and Day Care Center. If the student leaves the Nursery during the month, the fee will not be refunded.

e) If there is a need for maintenance, repair and modification in the Nursery and Day Care Homes, a closure request will be made by the Nursery Directorate for maintenance and repair.

In the said Communiqué, since the operating expenses of the social facilities should not be contributed from the budget of the related institutions and organizations, all kinds of measures will be taken to cover the operating expenses of the Day Care Rooms of the Nursery and Day Care Centers and there will be no disruption to this issue.

Considering the balance of payments of the Nursery and Day Care Centers, the issues of leasing them within the scope of Article 18 of the Communiqué will also be evaluated.

In addition, the principles stated in the Communiqué shall be strictly observed. Priority in utilizing facilities; Our enterprise will be given to the children of the staff and retiree and their spouses and children.

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