Summary: Konyaspor 2-1 Galatasaray match highlights and goals link

Summary Konyaspor Galatasaray match summary and goals watch link
Summary Konyaspor Galatasaray match summary and goals watch link

Galatasaray ended their 26-game unbeaten streak in the 14th week of the Super League by losing 2-1 against Konyaspor. In the match where Galatasaray took the lead in the 31st minute with Milot Rashica in the first half, the home team Konyaspor won the match 2-1 with goals from Soner Dikmen and Oğulcan Ülgün in the second half and got 3 points. Fans can watch the full summary, goals and important moments of the Konyaspor-Galatasaray match on the Bein Sports website.

Galatasaray faced Konyaspor away in the 26th week of Süper Lig Spor Toto. Hosting Konya Metropolitan Municipality Stadium, the team won with a score of 2-1.

Galatasaray took the lead with Milot Rashica in the 31st minute, while Konyaspor countered this goal with Soner Dikmen in the 62nd minute. Konyaspor, who scored another goal with Oğulcan Ülgün in overtime, won the match 2-1.

Berkan Kutlu, who started the game in the first 11 in Galatasaray, was suspended in the 35th minute by receiving a yellow card. Berkan Kutlu will not be able to play against Adana Demirspor next week.

After this result, Galatasaray's 14th league winning streak came to an end.

Galatasaray got 60 points with this result. Konyaspor rose to 34 points.

Galatasaray will face Adana Demirspor in the league next week. Konyaspor will go to Ümraniyespor.

Konyaspor 2-1 Galatasaray match summary and important moments of the match

90+3 GOALS | Konyaspor took the lead 2-1 with the goal of Oğulcan Ülgün. Oğulcan, who met the ball ahead with Bruno Paz's pass, sent the ball into the nets with a hard and soft hit.

88′ Konyaspor's goal against Endri Çekici is not counted as offside. Endri Çekici received a yellow card for removing his jersey after this goal.

77 Nicolo Zaniolo shoots from outside the penalty area, Sehic takes the corner at the last minute.

76′ Mahir hit the ball from behind the post sent to the back of the defense. The balloon flew away.

71′ Milot Rashica's ball into the net was canceled due to offside.

70 left Rashica for Icardi. Icardi didn't get the shot he wanted.

70′ Francisco Calvo is shown the yellow card for a foul on Icardi.

68′ In Konyaspor's fast attack, Marlos tried to throw the ball to Diouf in the empty field, but Kaan Ayhan gave critical intervention.

62′ GOAL | Konyaspor equalized with Soner Dikmen's goal. Soner had very good control of the ball, which Bruno Paz took away from the ground. The shot he made with his right foot also hit Muslera and went into the nets.

61′ Sacha Boey is shown the yellow card for fouling Marlos.

60′ Icardi hit the far post and Sergio Oliveira went into the penalty area. The leather journey has come to a head.

57′ Abdulkerim intervened in the ball, which Calvo turned inside the penalty area. Muslera saved the ball towards the goal at the last moment.

54′ Mame Diouf's goal in Konyaspor was canceled due to offside.

51′ Icardi cannot touch the ball that Leo Dubois has taken away from the left flank. Then the offside flag was hoisted.

43′ Sacha Boey sends the ball to the penalty area from the right and heads towards the goal. Under Sehic's control, the ball hit the side nets.

37 Another yellow for Icardi! The Argentine star received a yellow card after fouling Adil in the midfield.

36′ Berkan Kutlu receives a yellow card for foul he committed against his opponent in the midfield. Berkan Kutlu was suspended with a yellow card. Young is absent from Adana Demirspor match.

31′ GOAL | Galatasaray took a 1-0 lead with Milot Rashica's goal. In the fast attack of Galatasaray, Kerem saw Rashica ahead. The Kosovar player sent the ball into the nets with a soft kick with his left foot.

29′ Icardi saw Boey roll from behind. Boey fired diagonally. Goalkeeper Sehiç took the ball from the corner.

21' Francisco Calvo's shot by Alejandro Pozuelo shoots into the penalty area. The ball went overhead.

18′ Milot Rashica sends the ball to the back of the defense and Icardi sends the ball into the net with a cross. The ball remained in goalkeeper Sehic.

13′ Marlos Moreno's bow hits the defense and goes towards Muslera.

At 5′ Abdulkerim, Muhammet Demir catches the ball from the right wing. He wanted to leave it to Mahir Emreli, who was in the penalty area, but Dubois intervened.

3′ Mahir Emreli got down from the back row from the right and turned it out. On the defence, a critical response from Dubois.

1′ match started with Zorbay Küçük's signal.

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Konyaspor Galatasaray match summary and goals Bein Sports watch link

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