'One Book One Letter' Campaign from Ümraniye Municipality

One Book One Letter Campaign from Umraniye Municipality
'One Book One Letter' Campaign from Ümraniye Municipality

Ümraniye Municipality launched a “One Book One Letter” campaign for the library to be built in the container city of 500 families, which is under construction in the Onikisubat district of Kahramanmaraş. With the campaign, the people of Ümraniye will be pen pals with those affected by the earthquake and will also support the library with books.

With the “One Book One Letter” campaign, it is aimed that the disaster victims in the earthquake region can adapt to daily life faster and feel better. In this way, it is aimed especially for children to get out of the trauma situation they experience. In the library where there will be publications that will appeal to all age groups; literary works, coloring books, course and university preparation books will take place.

Ümraniye Mayor İsmet Yıldırım said in a statement about the campaign, “As Turkey, we experienced a great disaster. Now, we are working day and night with the effort of getting through these difficult days, being united and healing our wounds as soon as possible. Books will also heal our children. It is very important to keep children mentally and physically safe during and after the disaster.” used his statements.

Stating that the way for children to feel good is through books and games, President Yıldırım said, “It is our greatest desire to reduce the effects of the psychological trauma they have experienced and to support the children who have experienced the earthquake. You can support this campaign by buying a book and writing a letter. I would like to thank my Umraniye neighbors for their support.”

Günceleme: 18/03/2023 13:25

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