Will there be a 5th season of You? When will you season 5 come out?

You season renewal status and every x we ​​know so far
You season renewal status and every x we ​​know so far

When does Netflix's popular series You Season 5 start? you will you be the new season? Is the new season date known? When will the new season air? Questions like these are explored by TV series fans. You season 4 is now fully and completely on Netflix. The season debuted on February 9, 2023, but Netflix reserved two games for the first time in the new season. The first three seasons were streamed simultaneously on Netflix (though the first season aired on Lifetime before Netflix was included). You season 4 episode 2 was released on Netflix on March 9, 2023 and now everyone is lined up for Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and when you need season 5 Netflix.

We shared everything about You 5th season. We'll update this story as we learn more about the new season. The last update was on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

Has the 5th season of You been renewed?

Not yet. Netflix hasn't officially confirmed You season 5, but I mean, it's you. It is one of the most popular series on Netflix. While season four may have reached the heights of season two or three, there's still a lot more to this story and people watching.

I'm a little surprised that Netflix has officially renewed You for season 5, I won't lie. Typically, after a series premiere, we have to wait about a month or two until Netflix announces the renewal, but lately there have been early renewals for a number of popular Netflix shows, including The Outer Banks and others. Overall, though, if you're a You fan this is not the time to panic or anything. Probably being renewed soon.

You Season 5 will be the last season?

So much about You being the last season of season 5 gevezeit was lit. Obviously, that depends on the creative team, Netflix, Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, and whether this will be the end or if there will be a few more seasons in this story.

Penn Badgley announced the other day that he will finish the final season of You 5. Here's what Badgley told Indie Wire:

“It feels like we need to play another season. It seems to me that what happened to Joe needs to happen, and now he has to fall further to have all this power and wealth,” said Badgley. “But of course it's not up to me. Where are you hosted? But to me, it's not like we always want to be responsible with this concept and this character and we can just let it go because it's going well.

If the show's creators are another one, always find out what next season can be read as the final season. And then it's probably going to be a great solution because it feels like something is being worked on by the end of this season."

Not only did Badgley go on to play for another season, but the plan was originally a five-season release, now announced at the end of season 5.

Sera Gamble also told the New York Post that there is a plan:

“There could definitely be more,” Gamble, 39, told The Post. “We have an idea of ​​what will happen next. However, we hope at the very beginning and length to the worst. .

From the outside in the cell, You season 5 feels like it has all the hallmarks of the last season in terms of story, we'll talk about that a bit later.

How long do fans have to wait for You season 5?

Netflix has obviously not announced a new season release date, and that's probably a long time away. Assuming the big sevens, the new expectations of the fans (which they will!), you will have to wait at least a year or two for season 5.

The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed You season 4, possibly pushing back season 3 in the process. So it's hard to see it as an indication to previous seasons, especially since this one moved to Netflix for season 2, became a huge hit, and was derailed by the subsequent pandemic, and a new season in the next fourth season that management is in thoughts of a Lifetime show. country. It's hard to get an idea of ​​how long it really takes you to get one season.

However, it feels like Netflix usually doesn't release new seasons of big shows like You in the same year, so there's no way it's coming in 2023. Since the show aired very early in 2023, we are considering the anticipation of the new season. Released sometime in 2024.

I expected Gamble and the writers to start season 5 soon, if they haven't written it yet, and go into production next year later this year. In this case, we do not take careful measures, such as late spring or summer of 2024 for the new season.

What's next for Joe Goldberg in You season 5?

At the end of You Season 4, Joe is back in New York. Features of his past have been published. She's in the limelight alongside Kate Lockwood and her new company. They expect that they will be happy with Joe's situation, but that things will not stay that way. If it's Joe, whom we really know Joe, when someone else becomes obsessed and Joe, who is in this whole situation, has to pull off with Kate, who seems to have accepted his serial killer and stalker past.

There are so many directions this story could go for Joe, but I think it will definitely come full circle with a return to New York and playing up to our expectations of what Joe will do next.

You season 5 cast

As the show hasn't been renewed, it's not writing the full cast yet, but the show should await a return for season 5 and be in the first place. Penn Badgley and Charlotte Ritchie will definitely be returning as Joe and Kate in season 5. There is no doubt about these internalization doubts.

Other than Badgley and Ritchie, it's hard to say who might return for season 5. We're considering seeing a new cast for season 5 as Badgley and Ritchie's characters settle in New York City.

Could Jenna Ortega, Tati Gabrielle, and former cast members You return for season 5?

There's been a lot of talk about Jenna Ortega's comeback to You, especially after Wednesday became one of the biggest Netflix shows in history. It turns out that Ortega's development back for You season 4 was actually revealed on Wednesday, so there are definitely some plans in place to bring back character Ellie Alves. Wednesday season 2 is also being worked on, so maybe this could keep Ortega out of season 5.

At the end of season 4, Marienne, played by Tati Gabrielle, escapes thanks to Nadia, Amy-Leigh Hickman, who later goes to jail. Even the statement for his part didn't reveal anything about the consequences or his rise as the "Eat the Rich" killer. So, there are three survivors who know directly about Joe's past.

But the list of people who know what Joe is doing is growing. The Quinn family, who has a history with Joe, owns Theo (Dylan Arnold), Matthew (Scott Speedman), Sherry and Cary Conrad (Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle), and Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor). Joe's past, which Ellie, Marienne and Nadia read a little bit about, may come back to bite him in season 5. I hope so!

That's all our Sen 5 season Birth posts until last time. It is currently in the ranking of the best Netflix series. If you need more advice, check out the list. Stay tuned for more news about the hit series.

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