Earthquakes Cost About 2 Trillion TL to Turkey

The Cost of Earthquakes to Turkey Was About Trillion TL

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance reported that the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay cost the country approximately 2 trillion TL and correspond to approximately 2023 percent of the national income expectation for 9.

The statement made on the social media account of the Ministry is as follows: "The earthquakes and aftershocks centered in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay, which are among the largest known terrestrial earthquakes on a global scale in terms of their size and proximity to the surface, have caused some economic losses as well as the loss of life that burns our hearts as a nation. In this difficult process, we have taken countless steps and mobilized all the necessary resources, working day and night to find solutions to the urgent needs of our citizens who are earthquake victims as one heart, with all the institutions of our state and our nation. In addition, we prepared the Earthquake Evaluation Report by working with our Strategy and Budget Department, other Ministries and public institutions in order to identify all damages, losses and needs.

Turkey Earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction Assessment Report prepared in accordance with international standards; It consists of Measures Taken in the Emergency Response Process, Damages, Macroeconomic and Social Impact, Total Cost of the Earthquake and Risk Reduction Suggestions. Although the magnitude of the disaster made it difficult to collect the data, the information of buildings, residences, workplaces, factories, machinery and equipment approached the quality of a complete census. According to the current data from the field, a total of 1,6 trillion TL material damage was determined. On the other hand, a total loss of 351,4 billion TL occurred due to the decrease in national income, in addition to the emergency support and expenditures made to the earthquake area, debris removal activities, insurance payments, loss of income payments, all other supports and expenditures.

The cost of the disaster of the century to our country is approximately 2 trillion TL (103,6 billion dollars), which corresponds to approximately 2023 percent of our national income expectation for 9 and shows that we have material damage and losses approximately 1999 times more than the 6 Marmara Earthquake. Turkey is a big, powerful and dynamic country. With a growth of 2022 percent even in 5,6, when the stones were displaced in the global economy, it succeeded in being one of the countries with the best growth performance by distinguishing itself positively from other countries. We have the will, determination and determination to heal all the wounds inflicted by this great disaster as quickly as possible, in unity and solidarity with our nation, with the strength provided by the financial area we have achieved thanks to our high growth performance and the fiscal discipline we have implemented."

Günceleme: 17/03/2023 14:59

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