In which provinces is the foot-and-mouth disease seen in Turkey?

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Announces the Measures for Sap Disease
Foot and Mouth Disease

The measures taken due to the foot-and-mouth disease spreading throughout the country are being expanded. 215 villages in Zonguldak were quarantined due to foot and mouth disease in animals. But in which provinces and districts was foot and mouth disease seen?

Foot and mouth disease was detected in animals such as cows, sheep and goats in barns and barns in Ereğli, Alaplı, Kozlu, Gökçebey districts and central villages in Zonguldak. As a precautionary measure, Devrek district was included in the coverage and a total of 215 villages were quarantined. Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry teams started vaccination studies in the regions where the disease is seen.

Eastern Anatolia Livestock Market, Europe's largest animal market in Erzurum, was closed due to the SAT-2 type foot and mouth virus.

Ertan Ağtürk, Deputy Director of the Turkish Foot and Mouth Institute affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, stated that they produce an average of 2 million 500 doses of vaccine every week and that they will complete the vaccination work by 20 April.

What is Foot and Mouth Disease?

Foot-and-mouth disease is a viral disease of even hoofed animals. It is popularly known as a plate or a dabak. It is a viral disease that can be seen in all cloven-hoofed animals, domestic or wild, causes death in weak and young animals in chronic conditions, and generally causes loss of meat, milk and workforce. It is among the diseases that must be reported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey. Although the mortality of the disease is low, it has high morbidity. This means: Although not lethal, it spreads rapidly in the herd or in the area. Although it is considered a zoonosis, transmission to humans is extremely rare.

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