Attitude and Communication Training for Persons with Disabilities for TCDD Transportation Personnel

Attitudes Towards Disabled Persons and Communication Training for TCDD Transport Personnel
Attitude and Communication Training for Persons with Disabilities for TCDD Transportation Personnel

Within the scope of the "Attitudes Towards the Disabled and Communication with the Disabled" project carried out in cooperation with the General Directorate of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ and the Turkish Confederation for the Disabled and the coordination of our Passenger Department, the training for our box office personnel responsible for ticket sales and consultancy services was given at the ATG training hall on Monday, February 27.

Within the framework of the training, it is aimed to increase the quality of services for all persons with disabilities, especially those with hearing impairments, to the box office and ticket control officers who are in one-on-one communication with passengers and serve as the visible face of the Institution.

The General Directorate of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, formed the railway and urban rail systems and passenger transportation service with a human-oriented and equal service understanding, to provide accessible services for all citizens, to increase the quality of transportation service for disabled individuals, and to the training programs it carried out in Ankara after Eskişehir and Istanbul. continues for the staff.

In this context, he visited the training hall in Ankara together with the General Manager Ufuk Yalçın and the President of the Turkish Confederation for the Disabled, Yusuf Çelebi, and met with the personnel.

We are the happiest with the railroad in transportation

Wishing God's mercy to those who lost their lives due to the earthquake disaster we recently experienced and a speedy recovery to the injured, President of the Confederation of the Disabled of Turkey, Yusuf Çelebi, continued his words as follows:

“All individuals come into the world with the same rights. We, as people with disabilities, want the same rights that everyone has. This training will be very useful in helping the disabled both to apply the rules and to learn how to do this help without being felt. I would like to thank the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, who supported these trainings, and Ufuk Yalçın, General Manager of TCDD Transportation. Within the transportation community, we take great pleasure in our journeys by rail. Our railways have become more accessible with their employees, service quality and measures taken.”

Our Railways Are Working For All Citizens To Have Accessible Facilities

Stating that on the 21st day of the earthquake disaster that deeply saddened our country, they continue to work day and night with all the railwaymen to heal our wounds with unity and solidarity, our General Manager Ufuk Yalçın wished God's mercy to the citizens who passed away due to the earthquake and a speedy recovery to the injured. He wished that such pain would never happen again.

Our General Manager Ufuk Yalçın continued his words as follows: “We are carrying out the 'Orange Table Service' for all citizens with different needs, from planning their travels to buying tickets, transportation to stations and stations, getting on the vehicles, traveling comfortably and returning to their homes comfortably at the end of the trip. In addition, the training of our employees continues in order to increase the quality.”

Emphasizing the importance of meeting expectations by maximizing the quality of services offered to citizens with special needs and that we are all created with different characteristics, our General Manager Yalçın said: “It is a special pleasure for us that our services for the disabled put a smile on their faces. Our service level is at a certain level. It is only thanks to these trainings that we can keep it at that level and move it further. We will continue these trainings. After Istanbul, Eskişehir, we complete it in Ankara. I would like to thank my valuable team who carried out the studies related to these trainings. I wish you good luck with your education.” said.

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