Akdag Ski Center is Waiting for the Season

Akdag Ski Center is Waiting for the Season
Akdag Ski Center is Waiting for the Season

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality completed the maintenance of the chairlift in Ladik Akdağ Ski Center, where adrenaline enthusiasts show great interest in winter tourism, and made it ready for the season. 1900 meters long chairlift with landscaping awaits ski lovers with the expected snowfall.

Tourism investments continue in Samsun, which hosts 4-season tourism with its beaches, spas, thermal facilities, plateaus, lakes, waterfalls, natural and cultural features. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which took the facility, piste and chairlift into maintenance in October in Akdağ Ski Center, one of the important winter tourism addresses of the Black Sea Region, completed its works and made it ready for the season.


In the modernization work initiated by the Machinery Supply and Repair Department in October, all mechanical systems and parts were dismantled, and the chairlift underwent comprehensive maintenance and repair. In the study, in which the iron bastions were disassembled and tested whether they were broken or cracked, the roller tires on 16 posts, 230 roller bushings, shafts and balls, 460 flywheel bearings of the driving station, 74 filket systems, service brake pads and wheel tires were replaced with the originals. Axle adjustments of the poles were made. Rescue engines, pulley belt and computer hardware systems were checked one by one.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to the modernization of the chairlift, completed the road widening, landscaping and track maintenance works and brought the ski center to the season. Akdağ Ski Center, which is 80 km from Samsun and 7 km from Ladik district, is expecting to host domestic and foreign tourists this season.


Examining the driving tests of the modernized chairlift, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Machine Supply and Repair Department Head Savaş Kaygusuz said, “We have completed a 3-month maintenance and repair process in all our mechanical systems, including our chairlift. In line with the instructions of our President Mustafa Demir, we had a comprehensive modernization period. We have acted very sensitively so that the facility can serve the tourists who want to do grass skiing not only in winter but also in summer.”

Günceleme: 22/01/2023 13:48

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