Use of Digital Channels Increased 2022 Percent in 26

The Use of Digital Channels Also Increased Percent
Use of Digital Channels Increased 2022 Percent in 26

The research conducted by the global omnichannel marketing platform SmartMessage on nearly 1 billion cloud-based data shows that institutions use digital channels such as e-mail, SMS and MMS more intensively in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Brands are trying to reach end users, whose digital usage habits have developed especially with the pandemic, with multi-channel strategies. While the use of digital channels will increase by 2022 percent in 26, e-mail leads with 97 percent in terms of transportation.

Oğuz Küçükbarak, CEO of SmartMessage, said:

“When we examine the data, we see that especially marketing automation setups have started to be effective in increasing digital usage. Multi-channel setups make significant differences in meeting the needs of today's consumers. With the pandemic, an end-user audience has emerged that uses digital channels more. It has become more important than ever to deliver the right messages, through the right channels, at the right time, in perfecting experiences.”

The autumn period, which starts with the opening of schools in the business world, is generally known as the season in which many sectors are active. According to the data of SmartMessage, especially the last quarter of 2021 was the most active period in communication with end users and customers. While 31 percent of the shipments took place during this period, December was the most active month of the year. April, September and November followed December with the highest number of submissions across all channels. While January was the month with the least communication in e-mail and SMS channels, May and July were among the months with the least activity for SMS.

It is also seen in the data of SmartMessage that institutions prefer Thursday especially for notifications and campaigns. Having a share of 26 percent, Thursday is followed by Monday and Friday with 18 percent. Weekend and especially Sunday is seen as the time period with the least brand communication. While a balanced distribution is observed across all weekdays in SMS and MMS channels, the e-mail channel has a activity close to one and a half times the average of other days on Thursday.

It appears as a commonly used time zone in submissions, especially after 12 noon. 67 percent of messages are delivered to users after 12 o'clock. In e-mail and SMS channels, postings in the afternoon are twice as fast as in the morning. This rate quadruples in the MMS channel.

Stating that mobile usage has reached significant levels now, Oğuz Küçükbarak said:

In the coming period, we expect that channels that will offer more impressive messages to digital consumers, such as push notification in mobile usage, will be used more. In addition, with the popularization of ChatGPT, dialog-based communication will become more common. The era of chatbots that better understand customers and offer better experiences is beginning.”

Günceleme: 24/01/2023 13:39

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