First Test Drives of 3 New Models of Chery in Turkey

First Test Drives of Cheryin New Model in Turkey
First Test Drives of 3 New Models of Chery in Turkey

Chery accelerated its move to enter the Turkish market with the test drive event it held at Intercity Istanbul Park with the simultaneous participation of 3 SUV models. Chery; The OMODA 5, TIGGO 7 PRO and TIGGO 8 PRO models were presented to the press at a special event at Intercity Istanbul Park, revealing the technologies, quality and comfort of the vehicles. Press members, who took test drives by closely examining three different SUV models, witnessed the high level of "Chery Technology".

Combination of 1.6 TGDI engine and 7DCT automatic transmission

OMODA 5, TIGGO 7 PRO and TIGGO 8 PRO models, which were tested, are equipped with Chery's most advanced technologies. Chery's star models, which have reached high sales volumes all over the world, are also an important force in the brand's exports to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. All three models are equipped with the third generation ACTECO series 1.6 TGDI engine developed by Chery.

The engine produces a maximum power of 197 HP and a maximum torque of 290 Nm. Benefiting from the blessings of modern technology, the engine leads Chinese engines with a thermal efficiency of 41 percent thanks to five basic technologies such as the iHEC combustion system and is among the "Top 10 Engines of the Year".

The wet dual-clutch GETRAG 7DCT transmission combined with the engine effectively transfers the engine's power to the road, while supporting fuel economy and contributing to the high level of efficiency. Whether it's sudden lane-changing maneuvers or sudden acceleration at mid-speeds, the powertrain responds to throttle orders with instant acceleration and supports driving pleasure with fast gear changes. The three SUV models in the test drive are differentiated in terms of product strategy and target audience. Press members had the opportunity to closely examine the product strategy of each model, each using the product.

OMODA 5 launches a whole new experience

OMODA 5 is the first global vehicle developed by Chery. Chery OMODA 5 in accordance with the expectations of customers all over the world; In addition to its design, it aims to receive a large number of orders in a short time with its rich equipment.

General comments of the press members after their first contact with OMODA 5 at the event in Intercity Park; The vehicle's progressive design, dynamic effect and cross style were in the direction of distinguishing it from other SUV models.

The combination of 1.6 TGDI engine and 7DCT transmission provides an exciting driving experience with high traction power. The traction power, which makes itself felt more prominently especially from the middle revs, continues to increase with the rev level. High traction continues to excite the driver throughout the entire rev range.

OMODA 5 offers three driving modes: ECO/Normal/Sport. Sport mode keeps the engine at a minimum of 2000 rpm for a more lively driving experience. OMODA 5 completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in 7,8 seconds, putting forward a performance that stands out in its class. In addition to the high power generation of the engine and the performance it provides, OMODA 5 also stands out with its superior driving pleasure while driving.

The strong chassis and taut suspension setup of the OMODA 5 provide the necessary grip on bends, while at the same time offering an enhanced level of comfort with superior damping capabilities on bumps and uneven ground. Participants of the event, in general about OMODA 5; “Light and agile at low speeds; stable at high speeds. The steering system supports driving pleasure with its high level of feedback. So easy to use; a structure that is enjoyable to drive is revealed”.

As well as its superior power and handling performance, OMODA 5, with its elegant interior design, creates a trendy ambiance that attracts especially young users. The display concept, which combines two 10,25-inch displays in a single panel, is an example of innovative and modern design application in the cabin.

The display concept not only offers a modern and innovative look, but also offers ease of use and enhanced ergonomics. In addition, the INS Multi-colored Air Conditioning Control Panel and 64-color ambient lighting provide a modern and spacious cabin. Ambient lighting in the cabin is associated with the climate temperature and music rhythm, apart from the driving mode and unlocking/door opening status.

OMODA 5 is ready to lead its class in terms of smart driving aids with its L2.5 smart driving level. Also, the Driver Monitoring System (DMS), introduced in OMODA 5, is an important technological innovation introduced by Chery. The dash camera monitors the driver's facial expressions in real time, alerting the driver when it detects drowsiness or distraction.


TIGGO 7 PRO, the combination of stylish looks and technology

The Chery TIGGO 7 PRO sets the entry level in the luxury compact SUV segment, targeting customers who focus on stylish looks and ride comfort. TIGGO 7 PRO adopts the design language of the TIGGO family in appearance. The "Angel Wing Star" front grille, which is compatible with LED Matrix headlights, offers a stylish and dynamic visual feast. It also appeals to young users with its dual-colored vehicle body and floating roof design.

TIGGO 7 PRO draws attention with its cockpit design that envelops the driver and front passenger. 12-inch full LCD instrument panel, 10,25-inch central touch control screen and 8-inch LCD touchscreen air conditioning display have an assertive design that can compete with many premium SUV competitors. The interaction between the LCD screen, the high-resolution touch screen and the air conditioner screen creates an innovative user interface, while increasing its appeal with its compatibility with current technologies.

The TIGGO 7 PRO, which draws attention with its design both in the body and in the interior, is not satisfied with these features and meets the expectations with the attention to detail. Especially the "forget mobile phone reminder" function offered with the wireless smartphone charging feature is just one of these details.

Other than that, equipment such as keyless entry and one-button start, 360 degree bird's eye panoramic rear view camera and contactless electric trunk complete the overall package. In addition, dual-zone automatic air conditioning completes the in-cab comfort.

Chery TIGGO 7 PRO rises on the T1X platform. The long-stroke suspension system, which is adjusted to absorb road imperfections effectively, provides an enhanced level of comfort on non-asphalt roads as well as asphalt roads. Again, the same suspension and chassis setup ensures that the tires always touch the ground safely, providing superior braking performance as well as superior handling characteristics. TIGGO 7 PRO surpasses its competitors in its class with a value of 100 meters recorded at 0-37,48 km/h braking measurements.

Chery Model Family

“Top class cabin on land” comfort in the 7-seat flagship TIGGO 8 PRO

Chery TIGGO 8 PRO is a 7-seater large-volume SUV for customers focused on success and quality living. Chery TIGGO 8 PRO, which will be positioned as the flagship of the brand in Turkey, provides the "top class cabin on land" experience with a sense of premium comfort, both statically and on the move.

The chassis assumes an important responsibility for its superior comfort features. The TIGGO 8 PRO offers an advanced level with the combination of MacPherson independent front suspension, multi-link rear suspension and comfort-oriented setup. The performance of filtering the vibration felt especially when passing through speed bumps exceeds the promised comfort.

TIGGO 8 PRO's suspension system provides support to keep the cabin stable and reduce body oscillations during sharp turns. Despite its imposing body, the SUV exhibits flexible and agile handling features thanks to its light and highly feedback steering system.

The silence provided by the advanced insulation level of Chery TIGGO 8 PRO also contributes to driving comfort. The noise of the TIGGO 8 PRO measured at idle speed is only 39,9 dB. In addition, the engine runs extremely quietly and the noise level heard in the cabin in city driving is mostly limited to road and tire noise.

Wide sound-absorbing fabric areas also play a role in the NVH performance of TIGGO 8 PRO as well as the advanced solutions implemented by the engineers. In addition, solutions such as variable volume compressor and PWM electrodeless fan contribute to the library-like serene atmosphere inside the TIGGO 8 PRO.

At the test drive event, members of the press had the opportunity to experience various driving support technologies. Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) are some of them. These technologies provide more intuitive warnings when reversing and changing lanes. In addition, Door Open Warning (DOW) warns of possible collisions when opening the doors during parking and effectively prevents accidents. In addition, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) and other intelligent driving assistance functions are also available.

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