2023 Osmangazi Bridge Toll How Much?

How much is the Osmangazi Bridge Passage Fee?
2023 Osmangazi Bridge Toll How Much

Osmangazi Bridge or Izmit Korfez Bridge is the fourth longest span suspension bridge in the world, with a middle span of 1.550 meters and a total length of 2.682 meters, providing the transition between Dilovası Dil Cape and Altınova Hersek Cape in the Gulf of Izmit.

2023 Osmangazi Bridge Toll How Much?

According to the statement published on the official website of the General Directorate of Highways, the current Osmangazi Bridge tolls since 01.01.2022 are as follows:

Car (1st class): 184,50 TL

Minibus (2nd class): 295,00 TL

Passenger Bus (3rd class): 350,00 TL

Truck (4th class): 464,50 TL

Truck, Trailer (Class 5): 585,50 TL

Motorcycle (6th class): 129,00 TL

How to Pay Osmangazi Bridge Toll Fee, Is There a Cash Office?

Osmangazi Bridge tolls can be paid through OGS (Automatic Pass System) and HGS (Fast Pass System). Thanks to the electronic devices installed in the vehicles with OGS or HGS, toll payments can be made while crossing the bridge without the need for a pause.

Cash payment method can also be used at Osmangazi Bridge. Therefore, if there is no OGS or HGS, "CASH" counters at the entrances and exits can also be preferred.

What is the penalty for not paying Osmangazi Bridge Toll Fee?

Those who do not pay the Osmangazi Bridge toll at the time of the bridge crossing receive the IGB (Violation Non-Payment Notification) from the toll booth. Drivers who receive this warning must make the payment within 15 days.

If the bridge toll is not paid within 15 days, the fee to be paid increases by 5 times. For this reason, using HGS/OGS systems as the Osmangazi Bridge transit payment method or making the payment in cash during the passage is the most suitable option.

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