Support for Environmentally Friendly Electric Vehicles from N Kolay

N Easy Support for Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicles
Support for Environmentally Friendly Electric Vehicles from N Kolay

N Kolay will support environmentally friendly electric vehicles with its loan agreement. Within the framework of the agreement signed between the world's leading electric vehicle giant XEV Yoyo and N Kolay, which has recently entered the Turkish market, customers will be able to purchase environmentally friendly electric XEV Yoyo vehicles easily and on favorable terms, with the loan application process completed in a few minutes.

“We are investing in the future of our planet”

Electric vehicles are rapidly entering our lives and it will become even more important in the future with its environmentally friendly identity. kazanPınar Yılmaz, Head of Aktif Bank Retail Banking Group, said, “We are very happy to strengthen our experience in car loans with an innovative and visionary agreement within the framework of our sustainability policies. We support environmentally friendly electric transportation vehicles such as the XEV Yoyo, which makes life easier in city life, and we invest in the future of our planet as a bank.”

“Together, we move sustainable mobility forward”

Stating that he is very happy and proud of the alliance with Aktif Bank, XEV Turkey Distributor Baha Tuzer said, “On the way we set out to shape the future of sustainable mobility; Our most important goal for the future of the world is to produce environmentally friendly, technological, accessible vehicles and to bring our products together with a wide consumer base. By sharing our vision on this road and thanks to the cooperation of Aktif Bank, our valuable business partner, which set out with XEV Yoyo, we have full confidence that we will take firm steps towards our common goals and rapidly move the world of mobility forward with future projects and breakthroughs.”

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