HÜRKUŞ's CİRİT Missile Integration Flight Test!

HURKUS CIRIT Missile Integration Fly Test
HÜRKUŞ's CİRİT Missile Integration Flight Test!

TUSAŞ HÜRKUŞ test pilot Murat Özpala shared images of HÜRKUŞ's integration flight tests with the CİRİT 20mm laser guided missile on April 2022, 70, on his Instagram account.

It is noteworthy that the CİRİT launchers on the HÜRKUŞ aircraft used in the test have soft lines at the front, rather than straight, unlike the land and helicopter type launchers. The reason for this difference can be shown as the fact that the ammunition affects the flight performance more in HÜRKUŞ, which flies at higher speeds than a helicopter. It is possible that we will see this configuration of the integrated CİRİT launcher in AKINCI TİHA.

HÜRKUŞ, whose development and improvements continue, had previously developed L-UMTAS anti-tank missiles developed by ROKETSAN and MAM-L ammunition in HYEU configuration.

Integration of the Precautionary Release System Against Hürkuş (KTSS) has been completed

TUSAŞ Hürkuş test pilot Murat Özpala announced on his Linkedin account that the integration and flight tests of the Hürkuş Countermeasure Release System (KTSS) have been successfully completed.

The Countermeasure Release System, developed by EHSiM Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering Trade Inc., provides protection against RF and IR guided missiles by means of chaff and flare.

Source: defenceturk

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