Sivrihisar Aviation Shows Have Become Immortal with the Frame of Photographers

Breathtaking Sivrihisar Aviation Shows
Sivrihisar Aviation Shows Are Breathtaking

Photographers from Eskişehir had an unforgettable experience at the Sivrihisar Aviation Shows, one of the most important aviation organizations in Turkey, as part of the photography trips organized by the Metropolitan Municipality Youth Center.

Photography tours organized by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Youth Center continue. While the beauties of Eskişehir come to light with photographs during the trips, photography enthusiasts continue to have different experiences. Metropolitan Youth Center brought photography enthusiasts together with the "Sivrihisar Air Shows 7", which was held for the 2022th time this year in Sivrihisar.

The photographers, who followed the shows organized by the Sivrihisar Aviation Center at the Necati Artan Facilities in Yeşilköy District, settled on a dominant hill in the area where Turkey's largest aviation aerobatic shows were held. Photographers from Eskişehir, who took the incredible performances of Turkish and foreign aerobatic pilots participating in the show, from a distance touching the planes, witnessed unforgettable moments.

The photographers, who were happy to immortalize the show of Turkey's first professional female aerobatic pilot Semin Öztürk Şener in their frames, competed with each other to capture the best way to capture Swiss Danielle Del Buono's walk on the wing of a Boeing Stearman type airplane during the flight.

Turkish Air Force aerobatic team Solotürk said that watching and photographing the performances of Hürkuş, the training aircraft developed by TAI, as if tearing the sky, is a very different experience for them. kazanThe photographers, who stated that they are my friends, said, “We would like to express our endless thanks to our Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen and the relevant units. It is very important for us to continue these trips.”

Metropolitan Youth Center officials also stated that the photography trips will continue in the next period.

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